Ironing Board Storage Ideas

Ironing Board Storage Ideas

I have a love-hate relationship with ironing. I LOVE the results of freshly pressed clothes and linens. I do NOT love the act of pressing said clothes and linens (which is why I employ these time-saving ironing hacks whenever I do). With that said, I tend to be more motivated to do chores like ironing when I can do them in a beautiful setting with beautiful tools. 

When my ironing tools are organized and easily accessible, then I am more likely to pull them out and iron my clothes regularly. Below I rounded up a handful of beautiful ironing board storage ideas. Hopefully these ideas motivate you as much as they motivate me to stay organized and iron more regularly.

Ironing Board Storage Ideas

Hooks or Pegs

Ironing Board Peg Storage

Sadie Wall Hooks

My favorite way to store an ironing board is on a set of hooks. It’s simple, multipurpose, and easily accessible. I love that hooks or pegs can be used to hang all of your utilitarian cleaning and laundry supplies in one place. 

If you do choose to hang your ironing board in plain view, consider also investing in a beautiful ironing board cover. Don’t let an ugly ironing board cover turn a beautiful storage wall into an eyesore.


  • Multipurpose storage that can be used to hang any number of household products
  • Stylish – Wall mounted hooks can be sourced in any style to match your home decor


  • Your ironing board will be in plain view, invest in a great ironing board cover so that it doesn’t become an eyesore

Wall Mounted Holder

mDesign Metal Wall Mount Ironing Board Holder 

If you’re looking for a simple and compact wall-mounted storage solution for your ironing board then this is it. Once mounted, this ironing board holder can store an ironing board and an iron. This is a no-frills ironing board storage solution that would work well in small laundry rooms or storage closets.


  • Compact
  • Includes storage for your iron as well as hooks to hang an ironing board
  • Affordable


  • Not particularly stylish

Cabinet or Cupboard

Ironing Board Cabinet
Ironing board cabinet

Owen Ironing Cabinet

If you have space for an ironing board storage cabinet in your laundry room then this could be the perfect solution. The rolling ironing board folds up to store compactly inside this free-standing cabinet. Below the ironing board are 4 shelf compartments where you can store your favorite laundry tools and supplies

Close the cabinet doors and enjoy the added counter-height work space on top of the cabinet. This is an attractive, clutter-free, multi-purpose laundry room storage solution.


  • Multipurpose storage for an ironing board and laundry supplies
  • Creates added counter-height work space
  • Rolling ironing board can be easily moved to use anywhere in your laundry room


  • Not ideal for very small laundry rooms 

Foldable Ironing Mat

Ironing board mat

True & Tidy Ironing and Steam Mat

If you’re truly short on storage space but still want the look of freshly pressed clothing, then consider an ironing board alternative. This ironing mat can be placed on any flat work surface and used in place of an ironing board. You can even drape it over the top of your dryer and press your clothes as you take them out of the dryer. 

When you’re finished ironing, this mat can be rolled or folded for compact storage in a basket or cabinet.


  • Compact when not in use and easy to store
  • Can be used on any flat work surface
  • Affordable


  • Lacks the convenient shape of a traditional ironing board

Over the Door Holder

Over the door ironing board storage

NEU Home Over the Door Ironing Board Holder

Do you have unused storage space behind your laundry room door? If so then consider this over-the-door ironing board storage rack. This storage rack doesn’t require any permanent holes to be mounted in a door or a wall, so it’s a great option for renters!

Hang your ironing board from the hooks then store your iron and spray starch or other ironing supplies in the holders above.


  • Compact
  • Renter-friendly
  • Includes added storage for an iron and spray starch or other ironing products


  • Can be heavy and door hooks will bend if not careful
  • Some customers complained that the hooks are too narrow for their door – make sure to measure before purchasing

Rolling Multipurpose Ironing Board

Ironing board table

Neatfreak Easy Access Double Laundry Sorter with Folding Table

I love this multipurpose storage solution and ironing board combination. If you have a laundry room with enough square footage to accommodate a rolling hamper, then this could be perfect for you. Included are two separate hampers (one for whites, the other for darks). On top is a padded surface that can be used for quickly ironing clean clothes.


  • Multi-functional tool with hampers for dirty laundry and a padded ironing surface on top for pressing clean clothes
  • Rolling rack makes this solution easy to move around as needed


  • The ironing surface is lower than counter-height which can make ironing on this surface uncomfortable

Fold Out from the Wall

Fold out ironing board

Stowaway In-Wall Built-In Ironing Board

Fold out ironing board

Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Utilize extra wall-space in your laundry room or walk in closet by installing a fold-out ironing board. There are multiple styles to choose from. You can opt for a finished version complete with its own enclosed cabinet. You can also opt for a more basic version to install inside of an existing cabinet. 


  • Space-saving solution for laundry rooms with extra wall or cabinet space
  • Folds away into a cabinet for clutter-free storage


  • There is zero mobility, so you have to iron your fabrics wherever this fold-out ironing board is installed 


Retractable ironing board storage

Retractable Built In Ironing Board

Retractable ironing board storage

Rev-A-Shelf Pop Up Ironing Board

Retractable built-in ironing boards like this are fantastic solutions for a large closet, a laundry room, or even in a large kitchen. I love the idea of having an ironing station in the kitchen for pressing table linens. This is an attractive and very compact ironing board storage solution.


  • Compact
  • Beautiful built-in look and feel


  • Requires permanent installation within existing cabinetry

Considerations Before Investing in an Ironing Board Storage Solution


Make sure that whatever ironing board storage solution you choose enables you to iron fabrics at a comfortable height. If you iron regularly, then you will want your ironing board to reach just above standard countertop height. The standard height for a traditional ironing board is 38” so keep this in mind if you choose a permanent installation. 


Do you like to iron in your living room? Your bedroom? Your closet? Or all of the above depending on the garment, time of day, and your mood? 

I personally use my ironing board in either my living room or my bedroom where I can watch a TV show as I work. If you’re like me then it’s probably best to choose a storage solution for a free-standing ironing board so you can move it around your house as you please.


Do you like the pointed shape of a traditional ironing board? Or are you happy to iron on a flat, ironing mat? Consider the ironing board shape that suits your clothing the best before investing in a built in solution.

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