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Shifting to sustainable gifts is a small act we can take to make a positive impact on the earth. Whether it’s from a brand that is committed to regenerative and climate-beneficial agriculture, supporting a handmade artisan, or gifting a product that is a more sustainable alternative to a less sustainable option, this list of gifts will leave the recipient and you happy for supporting our environment. 

Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Compost Kit

Composting is a direct action we can take to reduce wasted food and reduce methane emissions. Create a beginner’s composting kit by gifting a composting bin, compost bags, and a book on composting. 

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Coyuchi Bathrobe

I can’t get enough of Coyuchi, it’s a conscious luxury brand that crafts organic home goods. A Coyuchi bathrobe is the perfect gift for a posh, sustainable homebody. This bathrobe is made of 100% organic cotton and offers an airy comfortable fit. 

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Metal Razor

How sleek is this metal razor? Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also encourages long term use instead of repeatedly buying disposable plastic razors. Even though the marketing is geared towards men, there are a variety of metal color options so you could easily gift this to a feminine friend as well. Pair it with a razor disposal case for a complete gift set. 

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Handmade Sustainable Candle

This vegan candle is handmade from organic quality soy wax. It makes a great gift since it is visually pleasing and can be placed in a variety of locations like a bookshelf, coffee table, or entryway console. 

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Korean Sponges

Consider gifting these fun Korean sponges. Korean sponges are having a moment as they are cute, effective, and sustainable since they encourage long-term use.

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Natural Cleaning Spray Kit

Do you know someone who is trying to use nontoxic cleaner cleaning supplies? Gift them a DIY cleaning spray kit – Bonus points for supplying them with vinegar and distilled water! 

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Sustainable Laundry Kit

Create a sustainable laundry kit for your loved one by combining wool dryer balls which help to reduce drying time, plant-based hypoallergenic laundry detergent, and a lint bin. 

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Bee’s Wrap

Perfect for wrapping sandwiches or fruit instead of using aluminum foil or plastic wrap. I like the idea of gifting bee’s wrap as a stocking stuffer since it is cute and small. I received bee’s wrap as a gift a few years back from a friend who knew I was transitioning into a more sustainable lifestyle, and I really appreciated the thoughtfulness.  

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Stasher Reusable Storage Bag

Reusable storage bags help transport sandwiches, chips, and fruit. I use these in my daughter’s lunch boxes, and I like teaching reusability/sustainability through the action of having her bring it home and helping to clean it out each day. These are great stocking stuffers for a minimalist newbie who is dipping his or her toe into minimalism. 

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Drinking Glasses

Reusable drinking glasses and straws go hand in hand with a sustainable lifestyle. These viral drinking glasses are perfect for an iced matcha latte and are a more sustainable option than disposable plastic! 

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Reusable Drinking Straws

Reusable drinking straws are a no-brainer sustainable and minimalist step since having a set of reusable drinking straws cuts down on single-use plastic straws. This is a great gift for someone who is “minimalist-curious” and doesn’t know where to begin.

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