Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Your Organized Friend

Gift items - 2023 Gift Guide for your Organized Friend

This gift guide is dedicated to the organized “Monica Geller” friends. Gifts for the organized people in your life! Sometimes finding cute gifts for organized friends is difficult because they seem on top of everything and already polished to a tee.

From inspiring coffee table books, to pretty coasters, to cable cord organizers, this list of product recommendations will leave your organized friend feeling understood and cared for. 

Gifts for Organized People

Things Organized Neatly

This coffee table book showcases “organization porn” photographs and is a thoughtful present for any well-organized friend! It can serve as coffee table decor, as organizing inspiration or as a contemplative meditation.  

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Pretti Cool Coaster Set

Help protect your friend’s tables from unsightly drinking glass rings by gifting him or her a coaster set. This Pretti Cool Coaster Set is made of concrete and recycled glass in small batches by hand in Houston. 

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2024 Planner and Jelly Pens

I’m still a sucker for paper and pen. There is something so satisfying about writing with a pen on paper, especially when it comes to calendars and planning. Gift your organized friend a 2024 planner along with colorful jelly pens for a thoughtful, well-rounded gift.  

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Label Maker

The cherry on top of organizing – labeling! Once items are organized in containers or baskets, it’s helpful to label them so that housemates and family members know where to find the items and where to return them. This is the perfect gift for an organized friend who is already organized and wants to take organization to the next step. 

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Cable Management Kit

This is a great gift for an organized friend whose closet, pantry, and cupboards are already well-organized, but maybe they have not yet tackled less obvious areas like cords. 

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Quince Leather Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is responsibly sourced from a Responsible Jewelry Council member whose standards enable fully traceable and responsibly sourced practices. You can feel confident that this jewelry box is responsibly sourced, and that it will help your organized friend to organize and store jewelry and other small accessories like buttons and pins. 

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Heating Pad

After all, your organized friend may need to be encouraged to relax. This heating pad is lavender-scented (unscented option also available) and microwaveable, the heat will promote blood circulation and alleviate joint pain and inflammation.    

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Kitchen Drawer Storage Bag Organizer

Upgrading from the standard menagerie of cardboard boxes that storage bags and tin foil arrive in will create a cohesive look. This is a great gift for someone who has started their organizing journey and just has some nooks and crannies left to organize. 

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Vacuum Storage Bags 

What to get an organized friend who already has everything organized? While vacuum storage bags are not a sexy gift, they are infinitely practical. Vacuum storage bags are useful for long-term storage like out-of-season clothes or they can be used for a vacation that requires a lot of clothes. This is a practical gift for a friend who already has everything or has a big trip on the horizon! 

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Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Another practical gift idea for the already well-organized friend. A honeycomb drawer organizer can be used to organize small items like socks, hosiery, or undergarments. Or it can be used in the bathroom for cosmetics or toiletries. It is practical and versatile, making it a suitable gift for a friend who loves organizing. 

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