Gift Guide: Best Cleaning Gifts

Best cleaning gift items - 2023 Cleaning Obsessed Gift Guide

We all have a friend or loved one who is obsessed with cleaning. My sister is always telling me about the newest cleaning gadgets whether they are aesthetic vacuum cleaners, a chic soap and lotion dispenser set, or the best travel tissues. I compiled this list of the best cleaning gifts with her in mind since she values all things clean. 

Gifts for the Person Who Loves to Clean

Eufy Cordless Handheld Vacuum

How stinking cute is this handheld vacuum? Your clean friend likely already has a vacuum cleaner, but do they have a small dustbuster for their car or desk? This is cordless, lightweight, powerful, (5,500Pa suction) and comes with a USB charger. It also includes a crevice tool perfect for delicate surfaces like keyboards or computer equipment. 

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Swedish Dish Cloths

Swedish dishcloths are a great way to move away from paper towels. This particular set has cute flowers, which make them more “giftable.” I like to use certain colors/patterns for different uses. Yellow and pink are in my kitchen, and floral and blue are in my bathroom. 

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Redecker Horsehair Dustpan and Brush Set

This broom and dustpan set is made of beechwood, horsehair, and stainless steel making it durable and long-lasting. A thoughtful gift for your clean friend since it will be long-lasting, beautiful, and easy to store!    

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Stainless Steel Dishwashing Brush

This classic dishwashing brush is durable, lightweight, easy to use, and includes a biodegradable scrubber. Our founder Kait has used it for years and successfully pairs it with Farmhouse Dish Cleaning Soap Block

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Soap & Lotion Dispenser Set

So that you can refill your dispensers with your favorite soap and lotion instead of buying new containers each time you need a refill.

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UV Toothbrush Sanitizer & Holder

Powerful UV light can eliminate 99% of harmful microorganisms (Source). A toothbrush holder like this one helps to organize and store toothbrushes and the UV light helps to clean the toothbrush bristles, keeping them cleaner for longer and allowing for longer use. 

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Travel Tissues

For traveling or on-the-go needs, it’s helpful to have tissues on hand, especially during cold and flu season. This is a great stocking stuffer for a traveling relative or any friend or family member who travels a lot. 

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Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover

This toxic-free fabric stain remover is effective, yet does not have strong chemicals like chlorine or bleach. Opt for the 2 oz version for a thoughtful and practical stocking stuffer.  

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EO Hand Sanitizing Gel

Hand sanitizer is likely a staple for a clean person while on the go. EO is a certified B-corp company that creates products that are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and contain no synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals. This hand sanitizing gel it is mild yet effective and it leaves hands feeling moisturized instead of dried out. 

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Plant Therapy Wellness Essential Oil Gift Set

Consider gifting a set that includes essential oils known to have antimicrobial properties to help the clean person in your life weather cold and flu season. 

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Laundry Gift Basket

Consider creating a cute yet practical laundry set:

This is a thoughtful gift for someone who recently started doing their own laundry like a college student or someone who is shifting to cleaner products. 

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