Episode #007: Laundry Basics

For anyone who wants to up their laundry game, this episode is for you. I am sharing tips about how to choose the right detergent for you, laundry sorting, wash cycles, drying options, and why taking care of our clothes is such a valuable habit and skill. 

What Will You Learn?


Taking good care of your clothes and linens is a basic skill in a more sustainable lifestyle.

The longer your fabrics last, the less often they need to be replaced. The less often you replace objects, the less you’re contributing to overconsumption of goods. This ultimately leads to less unnecessary waste – a very good thing!


  • The difference between laundry detergent and laundry soap
  • The pros and cons of powdered detergent and liquid detergent
  • How much detergent is the right amount?
  • Laundry boosts vs. stain pre-treatment
  • Laundry products I use and recommend

Laundry Sorting

  • Sorting by color vs. sorting by weight
  • How to properly load a washing machine

Wash Cycles

  • When it makes sense to wash in hot water vs. cold water
  • How long of a wash cycle do your clothes actually require?

Drying Options

  • Items I always line dry vs. machine dry
  • Dryer cycle options and how to choose the best option for your fabrics

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