Episode #003: Getting Rid of Stuff the Responsible Way

After you declutter, you will be left with piles of stuff that you no longer want or need. You’re ready to get rid of it, but how? In this episode I’m sharing responsible ways to sell, donate, recycle, and toss the stuff you no longer want to keep.

Before you toss everything into a box and drop it off at your local Goodwill, listen to this episode for some alternative (eco-friendly and more responsible) options.

What Will You Learn?

  • Selling Your Stuff
    • How to determine what is worth selling
    • How to create a great product listing (photos, description, price)
  • Donating Your Stuff
    • Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook
    • Free Facebook Marketplace / Free Craigslist
    • Charity Shops and what you should NOT donate
  • Tossing Your Stuff
    • What you can and cannot recycle
    • What you can and cannot throw away


Online Reselling Apps

Upcycling Ideas

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