Best Pot Lid Holders and Organizers

Best pot lid holders and organizers

Do you have a problem with pot lids taking up too much space in your kitchen? If so, then you need one of the best pot lid holders on the market. These holders are designed to organize and neatly store your pot lids so you can reclaim some valuable cabinet or drawer space.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t stand it when I grabbed a pot lid that was haphazardly stacked on top or underneath other lids or kitchen wares in my cabinets. I always ended up squatting down uncomfortably while trying my best to avoid a mini pot lid avalanche. In this article, I’m sharing the best pot lid holders on the market that will completely eliminate this type of frustration.

From wall-mounted to freestanding to collapsible and pressure-mounted, there is a pot lid holder perfect for you and your kitchen.

Best Pot Lid Holders

Metal Pot Lid Holder

Spectrum Diversified Euro Kitchen Organizer for Plates, Cutting Boards, Bakeware Cooling Racks, Pots...
  • ORGANIZE YOUR CABINETS: Keep your cabinets orderly by securing dishes, bakeware, pots, pans, and lids in the organizer. The cookware and dish rack will keep items neat within the cabinet or on the...
  • STYLISH ORGANIZATION: 9 vertical rungs create 8 storage spaces for your kitchen dishes. The sleek, geometric design and modern finish add style to your kitchen organization system. Extend your kitchen...
  • VERTICAL STORAGE: Save space in cabinets by utilizing vertical storage space. Stand the organizer up on the short end, and stack pots, pans, lids, muffin tins, cake pans, cookie sheets, and more. Make...

When you think of a basic pot lid organizer, this is likely the design that comes to mind. This pot lid organizer can be stored in any cabinet or countertop with enough vertical space to support your pot lids. Simply file the lids one by one vertically. There is no need to drill holes into your cabinets with this freestanding solution, making it a great option for renters!

This one allows you to store up to 8 pod lids, baking sheets, shallow pans, or whatever else could benefit from vertical file storage. Plus, this particular product is sold in multiple color ways so you can find a style to suit your kitchen aesthetic.


  • Basic design is suitable for most kitchen cabinets
  • No drill holes necessary making this a renter friendly solution


  • Because it isn’t fixed to your cabinet, this pot lid holder can slide around and cause scratches if it isn’t weighted with enough pot lids or other kitchen accessories – NOTE: You can prevent sliding by using Museum Gel under the corners of the pot lid holder

Bamboo Pot Lid Holder

MobileVision Bamboo Pot Lid Holder Organizer for Storage in Cabinets or Kitchen Countertops, 6...
  • Store and organize up to 6 pot lids and more with this simple, clean design made from durable and high-quality bamboo
  • Six dividers tall enough to separate lids, pans, dishes, cutting boards, cookbooks and more
  • Rubber feet keep the Lid and Pot Holder sturdy, stable, and in place from sliding off countertops or cabinet shelves.

If you’re interested in organizing your pot lids by filing them vertically, but want to do so with a more sustainable material – look no further. This bamboo pot lid holder does a great job at organizing pod lids vertically within a cabinet. 

Bamboo is sturdier than plastic but more attractive than metal (in my opinion). This pot lid holder would be attractive in a cabinet holding pot lids, on a counter filing cookbooks, in a drawer filing food container lids, and more.

This particular product also has rubber feet beneath the outer corners, preventing it from sliding around when you add and remove items.


  • Sustainable bamboo material
  • Freestanding, meaning no drilling necessary – a renter friendly solution
  • Slide-proof rubber feet prevent slipping and scratching on cabinet or countertop surfaces


  • Only holds 6 pot lids – less than competitor products around the same size

Accordion Style Pot Lid Holder

Ikea VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer, Stainless Steel
  • You Can Customize The Length Based On Your Storage Needs
  • Wipe Clean Using A Damp Cloth And A Mild Cleaner
  • Wipe Dry With A Clean Cloth

No two kitchens are used in exactly the same way. That is why this accordion style pot lid holder is such a great option. The accordion style makes the width of this product flexible. You can extend or shrink it down to suit your specific cabinet or drawer space. The length can range from as small as 3.25″ to as large as 19.75″.

This pot lid holder is easy to install – simply extend the accordion to your preferred size and set it down. It’s also easy to clean and easy to use.


  • Customizable width makes it easy to fit inside of any kitchen cabinet or drawer
  • Easy to clean


  • Because this pot lid holder is not drilled into any surface, it can move around causing scratches or unstable lids – NOTE: You can prevent sliding by using Museum Gel under the corners of the pot lid holder

Tension Rods in a Drawer

6 Pack Spring Curtain Rod Adjustable Length for Kitchen, Bathroom, Cupboard, Wardrobe, Window,...
  • 【Great Quality】- These Tension Rods Made From Carbon Steel, Each Rod Do Not Abrasion And Corrosion. Having Longer Service Life,Both End Rubber Bottom Can Effectively Prevent Slip,Suitable For...
  • 【Easy Installation】- Just Pull And Twist, Extend The Length To Stuck Between The Boards, Won'T Damage Your Walls, Doors And Windows
  • 【Free Adjustment】- Twist The Rod According To The Length Of Your Cabinet, Closet, Refrigerator Or Other Place Where The Rod Is Needed To Adjust The Length To The Desired State,The Optimum Length...

This is a creative, inexpensive solution for kitchens with deep drawer space. Simply install tension rods in a row inside of a drawer that’s deep enough to house your pot lids vertically. Make sure the top of each tension rod sits just below the height of your pod lid handles. Now slide the lids between each pair of tension rods to keep them upright and enjoy easy access!

I love this solution because it is completely customizable. You can choose any number of tension rod colors or materials – plastic and metal are the two most common. Plus you can adjust the width or spacing between each rod to your specific storage needs.


  • Expansive selection of tension rod materials available on the market to suit your taste
  • No drilling required
  • You can customize the width between tension rods to suit your specific storage needs


  • Requires drawer space deep enough to accommodate your pot lids
  • Very few sustainably made options on the market

Cabinet Door Pot Lid Holder

No products found.

If you’re short on space, then utilizing the back of a cabinet door is the PERFECT solution for adding pot lid storage. Organize your pot lids vertically against the back of a cabinet door. Just make sure there is enough clearance for the cabinet door to close with the pod lids prior to purchasing. The rack itself is 1″ deep, however once you prop your pot lids inside they will extend slightly further into your cabinet.

To install you will need to screw this pot lid holder to the inside (back) of a cabinet door. Once installed you can store up to 6 pot lids in this organizer.

Unlike stationary pod lid holders that sit inside of a cabinet, this one makes it very easy to grab a lid without reaching deep inside of a cabinet. No need to gingerly try to slide a lid out without accidentally knocking down the rest of the lids!


  • Super space saving
  • Easy to grab lids from above (no need to reach deep inside of a cabinet to access)
  • Stores up to 6 pot lids


  • Requires you to drill holes into the cabinet door 

Back of Cabinet Hooks

Joseph Joseph Cupboard Store - Set of 4 Pot and Pan Lid Holders Self Adhesive Wall Mount Storage...
  • Set of 4 pot lid holders
  • Perfect for mounting on cabinet doors or inside deep drawers
  • Suitable for small to medium sized lids 6 - 9.5 inches in diameter.

If you’re not interested in drilling holes into the back of your cabinet door, but you are interested in using that otherwise wasted space, then back of cabinet hooks might be your answer. You can hang 2-3 pot lids on the back of a standard cabinet door with these pot lid cabinet hooks. They can be attached to your cabinet with 3M tape, so no drilling required! 

One customer complaint for this particular product is that these hooks can slip or tip under the weight and size of larger pot lids. I noticed in the reviews one customer solved this issue by using two hooks – one beneath and one to the side – for her largest pot lids and had zero problems with slipping.


  • Space saving
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t require a lot of horizontal space


  • Because the lids are not stacked in any way, your storage is limited by the amount of free cabinet door space available in your kitchen.
  • Some reviews express frustration with hooks falling off under the weight of larger lids. To fix this issue, double up. Fix one hook underneath the pod lid and one to the side to hold it in place.

Sliding Pot Lid Organizer

LYNK PROFESSIONAL® Slide Out Baking Pan and Pot Lid Organizer for Cabinet - Pull Out Lid and baking...
  • LYNK PROFESSIONAL ELIMINATES KITCHEN CABINET CHAOS by placing all those tricky-to-store pot and pan lids within easy reach in our innovative space saving sliding storage solution, only 8 inches wide!
  • OUR EXCLUSIVE LOOP DESIGN HOLDS AND ORGANIZES UP TO 18 POT AND PAN LIDS of all sizes and styles - heavy-duty steel with our special vertical locking structure will not bend even under the heaviest...
  • UNRIVALED STRENGTH! - unique PROGLIDE system uses commercial glides underneath the lid holder with reinforced cross bars for supporting the heaviest weight, eliminating sagging and bending - also,...

For those who are not interested in reaching deep inside of a cabinet to access pot lids, but don’t want to drill into their cabinet drawers, consider a sliding pot lid organizer. Sliding pot lid organizers offer convenient access to heavy pot lids stored inside of a cabinet.

Simply slide the pot lid rack out from inside of the cabinet for easy, vertical access. It works just like a drawer would, but you don’t have to sacrifice precious drawer space in the process. No accidental bumping of other pod lids as you pull one out!


  • Convenient access to your pot lids without having to reach deep inside of a cabinet
  • Functions like a drawer, without sacrificing precious, limited drawer space elsewhere in your kitchen


  • More expensive than other options
  • Requires drill installation inside of a cabinet

Pot Rail

Greenco Black Pot and Pan Wall Mounted Rail Hanger Racks| Cookware Set and Storage Organization|...
  • STYLISH WALL MOUNT - Wall mounted pot and pan shelf rack organizer with 15 "S" style hooks for hanging pots and utensils.
  • GREAT FOR ORGANIZING AND STORING - Great for storing and organizing pots, pans, kitchens utensils and keeping all within hands reach.
  • DURABLE METAL BODY - Made of thick durable hand welded powder coated iron metal, can support weight up to 22 lb.

Pot rails are commonly used to hang pots and pans, but did you know you can also store pod lids this way as well?

Instead of hanging a pot lid like you would a pot or pan, prop the pot lids up between the wall and the pot rail. The lid handles will be supported by the pot rail and the back of the lid will balance against the wall.

This is a great storage solution for smaller kitchens that have extra wall space available. You don’t have to reach into low cabinets to pull out heavy pots and pans, and you can keep pots and pans next to their respective lids.


  • Easy to keep pots, pans, and pot lids all in one central location
  • Great for kitchens with limited cabinet space
  • No need for an additional storage solution for pod lids if you already store pots and pans this way


  • Can quickly make your kitchen wall appear cluttered if too many lids are stacked behind hanging pots and pans

So, which pot lid holder is best for you?  It is going to depend entirely on the layout of your kitchen and how much space you have. Regardless of the option you choose, these pot lid holders will definitely help you organize your pot lids and reclaim some valuable kitchen space.

Happy cooking!

Best pot lid holders for an organized kitchen

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