The best grout brushes of 2023

I don’t think I have met a single person who “loves” cleaning the grout in their home. In fact, most people I talk to completely dread this chore! Without the right grout cleaning products and tools, cleaning grout can be time consuming, smelly, and labor intensive.

If grout is on your list of dreaded chores, consider upgrading your grout brush. Grab one of the grout brushes recommended below, create a scent-free grout cleaning solution, and say goodbye to stains, mold, and mildew for good. 

The Overall Best Grout Brush

If you only have space for ONE dedicated grout brush in your cleaning kit, this is the one I recommend. 

Fuginator Scrub Brush

This brush has been widely recommended on the internet as the “best” grout scrub brush – for good reason! 

The handle is easy to grip and apply force as you’re scrubbing. The narrow design makes it the perfect tool for tackling hard-to-clean corners (think corners of the shower or where your tile floor meets your tub). Because it is so narrow, it also doesn’t take up a lot of extra space in your cleaning caddy.


  • Ergonomic handle shape
  • Great in corners
  • Tough bristles don’t lose shape easily and if cared for properly can last through months (maybe years?) of cleaning jobs
  • Fair price


  • Plastic / synthetic handle and bristles won’t biodegrade over time

Best Grout Brush – Honorable Mentions

Best Grout Brush for Large Surface Areas


If you have a large shower, bathroom, or small tile countertops in your kitchen/bathroom, you might want a larger scrub brush to cover a larger surface area. I would recommend using a brush like this one for general weekly/bi-weekly scrubbing – not necessarily detailed grout cleaning.

It’s a great brush to clean a large surface area with more scrubbing power than a regular cleaning cloth could ever offer alone. 

Best Grout Brush for Detailed Cleaning


This set of brushes are great for cleaning grout, shower door tracks, the small grooves around drains and faucets, and more. It’s a good idea to have a small detail cleaning brush in a home cleaning kit.

I often recommend using an old/worn toothbrush for these types of detailed cleaning jobs (certainly a more sustainable / eco-friendly option!). But the upward tilt on these brush heads makes it much easier to clean in harder to reach places. 

Plus, the wiper blade on the smaller brush is a fun tool for anyone (like me) who finds joy in completing a super thorough cleaning job.

Best Eco Friendly Grout Brush


At A Clean Bee, we are very focused on always sharing the most eco-friendly cleaning tools and techniques. When it comes to eco-friendly or plastic-free grout brushes, this is the one to try. 

The beechwood bow shaped handle makes it easy to grip and apply pressure to surfaces when scrubbing. The tampico fiber bristles are stiff enough to scrub away tough grime but won’t leave scratches.

When it comes time to retire this brush, it can be composted and won’t take up space in a landfill (especially if you choose to use it with natural cleaning recipes). 

Cleaning Grout – My Recommended Technique

If you have really dirty grout on your hands, the grout brush you choose will only get you so far if you aren’t using proper grout cleaning technique.

To remove stains from grout lines, you must first start with a CLEAN surface. What I mean is, there is a cleaning step you must take before you grab your grout brush and start scrubbing. 

Start by wiping (or vacuuming) loose dust, hair, and other debris from the tiled surface. Yes, I vacuum both floors and countertops (this is the vacuum I use and love).

Next, choose an all purpose cleaner and spray/wipe the tiled surface clean.

NOW it’s time to scrub. Grab your grout cleaning solution of choice (I recommend a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste). Use your grout brush to spread the paste/solution on your stained grout and allow it to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing and wiping clean. 

NOTE: If you’re using a commercial cleaning solution, follow package instructions.

Now go ahead and enjoy your bright, clean grout!

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