Episode #022: Sustainable Holiday Decor Ideas

Sustainable Holiday Decor Ideas

Last week I talked about the important categories to declutter prior to the holidays. In this episode I am talking about sustainable ways to decorate for the holidays. I discuss which disposable decorations to avoid, where to thrift decorations and what to look for, decorations made from compostable or natural materials, and more. My hope is that you finish this episode feeling inspired to get creative with your own holiday decorations this year!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to make a holiday decor design plan
  • Disposable decorations to avoid
  • What to look for when shopping second hand
  • How to repurpose unused items within your home for decorations
  • How to decorate with foraged, natural materials
  • Decorating with food 
  • When and how to invest in new decorations

Links and Resources:

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Unused items in your home:

Natural Materials

Compostable Materials

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