Dresser Top Organizer Ideas

Dresser top storage solutions
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It’s so easy for clutter to accumulate on top of a dresser. Things like worn clothes that aren’t dirty enough for the hamper yet, stacks of mail, random knick knacks and loose change all seem to find a home on top of a dresser.

Unfortunately, disorganized clutter like this is both distracting and unattractive. Investing in beautiful tools like boxes, baskets, trays and bookends to organize dresser top clutter is the way to go.  

Below are 6 dresser top organizer ideas to minimize clutter and beautify your bedroom.

Common Dresser Top Clutter Categories

There are a few object categories that are the most likely culprits of dresser top clutter. I know I am personally guilty of collecting a few of the items listed below on top of my dresser.

  • Clothes (not folded inside drawers)
  • Stacks (paper, books, mail, receipts)
  • Makeup
  • Perfumes
  • Collections, random chachkis, decorative knick knacks
  • Loose change 
  • Cups or dishware that hasn’t found its way back to the kitchen

Do any of those categories sound (or look) familiar? If you’re looking at your dresser right now and noticing piles of “stuff” that doesn’t belong, it’s a good idea to start organizing the top of your dresser by decluttering. 

Decluttering the Top of Your Dresser

Best way to minimize clutter is not necessarily to invest in more storage solutions. Rather it’s to practice restraint. 

As you reassess the items that have gathered on top of your dresser, go through a quick decluttering exercise. Which items no longer serve you? Is anything stained, broken, or no longer your taste? 

Donate or toss whatever you no longer want to store or display. Gather like-items together and determine if there is a more practical storage solution for them elsewhere in your home.

Items Commonly Displayed On a Dresser Top

After you declutter the top of your dresser, it’s time to assess what remains. It is possible to beautifully display or store small collections of items on top of a dresser. 

A few common examples of items in need of dresser top storage solutions include:

  • Jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Mirror
  • Pictures in frames
  • Clock or alarm clock
  • Books
  • Potted plants vases
  • Candles and other decor

Remember, it’s important to practice restraint here to avoid cluttering your dresser top. Try to limit yourself to 1-3 categories from the list above. 

Now let’s look at dresser top organizer ideas for what remains!

Dresser Top Organizer Ideas


Trays are a beautiful way to corral a small collection of items together on top of a dresser. What’s great is that trays can be found in any style to suit your taste. From woven trays to wooden or stone trays, to vintage ashtrays to simple or ornate dishes, attractive options exist for everyone!

Items that are perfectly suited for storage on a tray include:

  • Jewelry (like everyday rings or earrings)
  • Perfume or essential oils
  • Bottles (of anything)
  • Candles (with a vessel for matchsticks)
  • Toiletries or skincare

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Bowls and catchalls are such a practical storage solution for minimizing dresser top clutter. Bowls can be found in any size from tiny pinch bowls to more substantial sizes. They are also made in a variety of materials from heavy stone to lightweight woven styles.

Objects that I enjoy displaying in decorative bowls on my dresser top include: 

  • Jewelry
  • Hair accessories
  • Makeup
  • Small sentimental photographs or other memories
  • Loose change

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Baskets are such a great storage tool in any area of your home. I use baskets in our entryway for shoe storage, in our playroom for toy storage, and on top of dressers to house other small objects.

Here are examples of objects that are easy to organize in baskets on top of a dresser:

  • Kids books
  • Magazines
  • Small accessories
  • Diaper changing supplies
  • Small toys

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Boxes make great dresser top organizers because they usually have a lid! Lids are perfect for hiding collections that are special but perhaps not aesthetically pleasing when on display. Plus, lidded boxes can be stacked with one another or with other objects for added storage possibilities.

Here are some items that would be perfect to store in a box on top of a dresser:

  • Sentimental items like photos, ticket stubs, or small mementos.
  • Jewelry
  • Makeup
  • Cash or loose change

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Dresser top organizer ideas
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I love having a handful of books on hand in my bedroom for pre-bedtime reading. It’s nice having a few to choose from so I can pick a book based on my mood that evening.

Bookends are a great way to store and organize books on top of a dresser because you can easily grab one from the group. Stacked books require a little more effort to access books at the bottom of the pile.

Here are a handful of beautiful sets of bookends to consider for your dresser top.

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Jewelry Boxes and Stands

If you have a jewelry collection that you want to display or easily access as you get dressed, consider a beautiful jewelry box or jewelry stand. 

It’s easy for jewelry collections to become tangled and disorganized. The last thing you want is to accidentally lose your favorite set of earrings in the mess! Invest in a jewelry organizer that is both beautiful and functional.

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