5 Best Front Door Shoe Storage Solutions

Front door shoe storage solutions for every home

I was raised in a home where shoes were worn all the way to our bedrooms. My husband was raised in a home where shoes were left at the door. When we moved in together we knew we would have to make a few lifestyle compromises. An effective front door shoe storage solution was definitely one of them!

(With that said, if you’re also in a “wear the shoes to your room” kind of household, check out these under-bed shoe storage solutions for some space-saving ideas).

Why You Should Remove Shoes at the Door

Simply put, you should not wear your shoes in your home because they are dirty. According to a study done in 2016 by researchers at the University of Arizona, there were an average of 421,000 units of bacteria discovered on the bottom of 26 shoe samples they tested. They discovered that in 90% of test cases, the bacteria transferred from the shoes onto clean tile floors!

When I think about the times I lay or sit on the floor to play with my kids, it feels like a no brainer to instate a “no shoes in the house” rule.

5 Best Front Door Shoe Storage Solutions

Once you have established your no shoes indoors policy, it’s easy for shoes to start piling up near the front door. It’s now time to create front door shoe storage solutions that are easy for everyone to use. 

PS – It’s also worth mentioning, a bonus perk of visible front door shoe storage is it acts as a subtle hint to visitors that they’re entering a “no shoes indoors” household. This means you will have the confrontational, “do you mind taking off your shoes?” greeting much less often.

1. Shoe Storage Baskets

Entryway shoe storage baskets
Image courtesy of Target

Aseana Large Round Market Basket, $35 via Target

After trying a variety of shoe storage solutions, we found that the “shoe basket” works best for us. The problem I faced was my husband’s bad habit of slipping his shoes off and leaving them on the floor regardless of what storage solution was right next to him. For instance, when we had a shoe rack he started leaving his shoes on the floor IN FRONT OF the shoe rack – maddening.

The shoe basket is the ultimate solution for the impatient shoe remover in your house. If you live with a roommate, husband, or kids who need a VERY simple solution for front door shoe storage, the shoe basket is the way to go.


2. Standing Shoe Racks

The best looking shoe racks for an organized entryway. Organize your shoes with front door shoe storage.
Image courtesy of West Elm

Extended Shoe Rack in White, $80 via West Elm

Before adopting the shoe basket, we used these 2-tier bamboo stackable shoe shelves by our front (another version). I thought that the bamboo was relatively attractive. Plus, if I placed a plant or two on the top shelves and hung a few great art pieces above, it didn’t feel too “storage-y.” 

I also believe that when all shoes are stored visibly, you tend to wear them all more often. We also notice this with pantry items on our open pantry shelves!.

If you’re looking for more attractive “shoe racks that aren’t shoe racks” I like to store narrow shoe baskets on the bottom shelf to keep things organized and visually appealing. 

I also like this 3-Shelf Console Table ($400) from CB2 and this pretty teak shoe storage piece comes in under $70.


3. Wall Mounted Shoe Storage

Mounted shelves act as attractive entryway shoe storage solutions.
Image courtesy of CB2

Walnut Modular Single Shelf, $1,011 via CB2

If you tend to enter your home through a garage, or if your entryway has a tall, narrow cut-out, wall-mounted shoe storage is another good option. I believe giving items a home off the floor makes a major positive impact on how organized a space appears. 

This modern wall-mounted shelf from CB2 is great because there is plenty of space to style shoes with decor items. Here is a more affordable version from Amazon. I also like the idea of installing individual shelves all the way up the wall like these walnut shelf tops from Rejuvenation.

Lastly, these modular wall hanging Elfa shelves by the Container Store are great for both a formal entryway or a garage.


4. Hanging Shoe Racks 

Create shoe storage solutions in your entryway coat closet with hanging shoe racks.
Image courtesy of Amazon

Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves, $ via Amazon

If you have an entryway coat closet, convert it into shoe storage! You can use over the door hanging shoe racks, hanging shelves, or dedicated hanging shoe cubbies. This is a great solution for folks who want to keep their shoes out of sight (and if that system works effectively for your family, I am extremely jealous). 


5. Enclosed Shoe Storage

Front door shoe storage can be created inside of an entryway console cabinet.
Image courtesy of West Elm

Tahoe Buffet Table, $1500 via West Elm

Lastly, you can invest in a case piece with enclosed shoe storage to place near your front door. Whether that’s a cabinet with hidden shelving, an armoire with hidden shelving, or otherwise, you can make an attractive entryway statement while providing a home for family shoe storage.


Helpful Shoe Removal Accessories

Bench or Chair

If you have the space, a bench, a stool, or a chair near your entryway is a “nice to have” for guests if they are expected to remove their shoes when entering your home.

Shoe Horn

If you or your guests have trouble putting shoes back on, a shoe horn near your shoe storage solution is a handy tool. My husband uses ours every morning as he slips on his boots or work shoes!


Decorate your front doorstep with a coir doormat or boot scraper to prevent unwanted dirt or mud from entering your home. You can take it a step further and decorate your entryway with a small, washable rug for shoes and boots to land on when entering your home. Learn how to clean a doormat to ensure effectiveness and longevity of your doormats and rugs.

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  1. Would your guests feel comfortable tossing their shoes in a basket with several others and dig through several pairs of dirty shoes to retrieve theirs when they depart?

    1. For guests I don’t expect them to toss shoes in our basket. They tend to see the basket, notice that we take shoes off inside, and on their own leave their shoes on the floor in the entryway. Works just fine!

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