5 Best Fabric Shavers for Every Sweater

Best fabric shavers for every type of sweater

If you live in a cool climate, it’s likely that you spend a lot of time in sweaters during the fall, winter, and spring months. At the end (or the beginning) of the winter season, it’s a good idea to give your sweaters a once over with a fabric shaver to keep pilling to a minimum. This is super easy to do when armed with one of the best fabric shavers detailed below.

Manual vs Electric Fabric Shavers

When it comes to choosing the best fabric shaver for you, there are two types to consider: manual and electric.

Manual pill removers are great for delicate fabrics because you can control the level of force used when removing fabric pills. There are also a number of long-lasting, plastic-free versions that work extremely well on all fabric types.

With that said, electric fabric shavers are handy because they tend to do a thorough job in a small amount of time with minimal effort. Many also come with multiple settings so you can safely use them on delicate fabrics.

Best Fabric Shaver for You

1. Best Electric: Conair Fabric Defuzzer

Best electric fabric shaver
Image courtesy of Amazon

Conair Fabric Defuzzer via Amazon

If you’re looking for an option that works quickly and easily, this is your best bet. There is a 3 setting depth control that you can adjust depending on fabric type. There is also a detachable lint catcher which makes cleanup easy. Lastly, I like that there is a rechargeable version available so you don’t have to blow through batteries.

2. Best for Travel: Remington Fuzz Away Fabric Shaver

Best travel fabric shaver
Image courtesy of Amazon

Remington Fuzz Away Fabric Shaver via Amazon

If you do a lot of winter travel, having a compact and light weight fabric shaver can come in handy. This option is only 5 inches by 2 inches in size! There is also a removable fuzz compartment to capture lint and fabric remnants, making cleanup super easy.

3. Best for Delicate Fabrics: Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover

Best fabric shaver for delicate fabrics
Image courtesy of Amazon

Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover via Amazon

This fabric shaver comes with three edge types to choose from making it safe to use on every fabric type. As a bonus, there is a built in lint brush to remove lint and loose fibers like pet hair. Because this option does not depend on batteries or electricity to use, it is longer lasting than electric alternatives. 

4. Best Eco Friendly: The Laundress Sweater Comb

Best eco friendly fabric shaver
Image courtesy of Amazon

The Laundress Sweater Comb via Amazon

This sweater comb is made with biodegradable, organic materials. It’s long lasting and won’t wear down like electric versions making it a very sustainable alternative. I also believe it’s simply better looking than electric options.

5. Best Budget Buy: Dritz Clothing Care SWST Sweater Stone

Best budget friendly fabric shaver
Image courtesy of Amazon

Dritz Clothing Care SWST Sweater Stone via Amazon

This sweater stone is not only budget-friendly, but also eco-friendly and plastic-free. It’s made from natural pumice, inexpensive, and easy to use. It won’t wear down over time like electric versions so you will absolutely get your money’s worth out of this $5 purchase. 

The Best Way to Remove Pills from Sweaters

Once you have selected the best fabric shaver for you, place your garment on a clean, flat surface. Select the best fabric shaver attachment or setting for your fabric. If it’s a more delicate fabric like cashmere, you will want to select a gentle setting. 

Gently run the sweater shaver over pills and lint to safely remove. Your garment will look good as new in a matter of minutes!

Additional Sweater Care Tips

How to Properly Store Sweaters

Once you have removed pills from your sweater, you want to make sure you store it appropriately. It is recommended that we fold sweaters and store them on shelves or in deep drawers. With that said, there are some sweater hanging techniques that won’t stretch your sweater fabric in strange places. For more information, read this post on the best ways to store a sweater.

How to Remove Lint from Sweaters

If your sweater doesn’t have pills but is plagued with lint and fibers like pet hair, you might benefit from a gentle lint remover. I recommend this natural boar bristle brush for the job.

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