The 5 Best Ways to Store Sweaters

Best ways to store sweaters

Fall is my personal favorite season of the year in part because there is nothing better than sweater weather, am I right?

But when we bring our sweaters out of winter storage the question remains, what is the best way to store sweaters?

Is it Better to Fold or to Hang Sweaters?

General consensus: the best way to store sweaters is folded.

Folding sweaters eliminates any concern of unwanted stretching in sweater fabrics. Puckered shoulders in a sweater can be difficult (if not impossible) to fix. 

But if you are short on shelf and drawer space, don’t worry! You can either invest in hanging shelves, or try one of the sweater hanging methods detailed below.

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How to Fold Sweaters

Now that we know that folded is the best way to store sweaters, there are a handful of folding methods to consider.

File Folding Sweaters

For sweaters that aren’t too bulky, I like file folding them and storing in a dresser drawer a la the Konmari Method.

This makes it easy for me to view all of my sweaters in my drawer and remove one at a time without disturbing the rest. 

See the video below for how to file fold sweaters.


Flat Folding Sweaters

If you have sweaters that are too bulky for file folding and you have plenty of shelf space in your closet then consider this classic storage option.

Simply fold your sweaters and store them piled on a shelf.

See the video below for how to fold a sweater to store on a shelf.


How to Hang Sweaters

If you’re like me and you do not have a lot of extra shelf or drawer space, then your only other option is a hanger. Like folding, there are a few ways to hang sweaters in your closet.

Folding Sweaters over the Top of a Hanger

My favorite way to fold bulky sweaters is over the top of a hanger. I demonstrated it in this post about how to hang and fold clothes.

You start by folding your sweater in half, then lay the hanger on your sweater with the hanger hook poking out from the armpit crease.

Then, fold the body and the sleeves of the sweater over the hanger. This way of hanging your sweater won’t stretch the fabric!


how to hang your sweaters without puckering the shoulders! #laundry #sweaterweather #4yp #foryoupage

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Folding Sweaters Over a Hanger Bar

Another sweater hanging alternative starts with flat folding your sweater as if you are going to store it on a shelf.

But instead of laying your sweater on a shelf, you hang your sweater on the center fold line over the pants hanger bar.

This works much like how you would hang pants by a fold at the knee over the hanger bar.


Hanging Sweaters

If you choose to hang your sweaters by the shoulders just like your shirts and jackets, then it’s important to choose the right type of hanger.

Your best bet is a soft, padded hanger that will cause minimal stretching damage to the shoulders in your sweater. Another good option is to use a substantial wooden hanger.

Avoid using thin wire or velvet hangers that will cause your sweaters to pucker at the shoulders over time.


How to Store Off-Season Sweaters

There are two simple rules of thumb to keep in mind for sweater storage: folded and dry!

  • Step one is to launder your sweaters and allow them to dry completely before folding and storing them away.
  • It is best to store off-season sweaters folded in a cool, dry location. Ideally you will store them folded on a high closet shelf or in a fabric box where they have some ability to breathe. 
  • If you do not have shelf space or fabric box containers, folding sweaters in an airtight container is the next best option.
  • Even if sweaters are stored in an airtight container, consider dry areas in your home for storage (e.g. under beds) as opposed to a basement or attic. 
  • If you do store your off-season sweaters in a more moist environment like a basement or attic, consider including a few silica gel packets to help prevent unwanted moisture to seep in. 


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