Episode #025: Making the Switch to Cloth Napkins

Switch to cloth napkins

I grew up in a paper napkin household. My childhood friends all grew up in paper napkin households. And to this day I cannot think of a family (aside from my own) that I know personally that uses cloth napkins on an everyday basis. 

Because of this, I had no clue how to incorporate cloth napkins into my family’s daily life as an adult. I started considering a switch to cloth napkins when I was dipping my toe into the zero waste lifestyle waters. 

But I had questions…

  • How do you remove stains?
  • Do you have to wash them every single night?
  • Do you have to iron them every week?
  • Do people also let their small messy kids use cloth napkins?
  • How does it all work?

I still don’t know exactly how others do it, but I know how we do it – if you are currently in the stage where you’re curious about making the switch to cloth napkins but aren’t sure how, then I hope this episode is a helpful resource to get you started. 

What You’ll Learn

  • My cloth napkin system
  • Cloth napkin storage ideas
  • How to save time on cleaning 
  • Stain removal tips
  • My thoughts on ironing
  • Cloth napkin styles I recommend for everyday family use

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