Organizing small Items with Catchall Trays

Alta Andina Leather Catchall

If you’re trying to organize small objects in your entryway, your bathroom, vanity, office, or coffee table, a catchall tray is a smart (and attractive!) investment. Catchall trays or valet trays come in all shapes, sizes, and materials and are meant to corral like items on a surface. 

Use a catchall tray in your entryway to house keys, on your vanity to display jewelry, on your desk to collect loose change, and more. If you’re a person who is regularly misplacing small items (like my husband…) then a well placed valet tray might be the perfect solution for you.

Below I’m sharing some of the best catchall trays to help you beautifully organize the small collections in your home.

Leather Catchall Tray

Alta Andina Leather Catchall

Leather catchall

Consider a leather catchall tray for a more natural, masculine look. This one from Alta Andina is handcrafted in South America using non-toxic vegetable tanned leather and hand hammered copper rivets. It’s the perfect size for holding loose change and keys. I placed one next to my husband’s bedside to hold his watch and cell phone at night.

Alta Andina also offers other high quality leather products worth browsing, one of my favorites being their cast iron skillet handle cover (featured in this post on how to clean cast iron).

Bonus: Alta Andina also offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

Ceramic Bowl

Etsy Stoneware Bowl

Stoneware bowl

From more rustic stoneware and earthenware to classic porcelain, ceramic catchall trays can be beautiful in any home. I love hunting for vintage ceramic pieces at local thrift stores. They’re so versatile! I use some in my kitchen to prepare and serve food and set others on my vanity to display delicate jewelry.

Stone Tray or Box

Etsy malachite box

Malachite storage box

Marble and other stone catchalls are another classic option. Depending on the type of stone they can range widely in color. Popular options include classic white marble, black marble, or green malachite as pictured.

Wood Bowl or Tray

Bamboo wood bowl

Bamboo bowl

For an earthier look, wood catchalls are a great option. I like to source unique wooden bowls second hand or from artisans in flea markets. If sustainability is important to you, consider a bamboo wood bowl or catchall tray. 

Bamboo is very fast growing – it can grow to full size in 3-4 months vs 30+ years for other trees. It also doesn’t require pesticides like other crops making it a great material for anything from flooring, to bedding, to catchalls like this one!

Brass Catchall Tray

Brass catchall tray

Small brass oval tray

Brass and other metal catchalls are another classic material. They can add a touch of sophistication in a traditional office, on a coffee table, or on a vanity. One thing to keep in mind with brass is that it will require occasional polishing to maintain its lustre. 

Enamel Tray

Enamel tray

Enamel Tray

Enamel is durable, long lasting, and lightweight. They are produced in a variety of colors and designs that can range from sophisticated to playful. 

Enamel has been a popular material for kitchen and household use for years because of its rust-free and surface-sealing properties. It’s also incredibly easy to clean! Because of their durability and lighter weight, enamel catchall trays are great for corralling small kids toys and art activities.

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