Holiday Gift Guide for the Clean Person

If you or someone you know is a clean person, then this holiday gift guide is tailor made for you. Listed below are a bunch of my favorite, gift-able cleaning and organizing products. I also included cleaning products for kids and toddlers (start them young while it’s considered fun!) as well as products to help a clean person relax at the end of the day.

Organizational Gifts

Organization gifts for organizers

Gifts for the organizer

  1. Rope Basket – Rope baskets are soft and light weight, making them great for organizing kids toys and games. Use a basket instead of a gift box to corral a collection of gift items for the recipient.
  2. Remodelista Book – Beautiful to display on a shelf, console, or coffee table. Plus there are legitimately great tips and inspiration images inside.
  3. Leather Catchall by Alta Andina – We use catchalls in our entry to hold keys, in the bathroom to hold watches/jewelry, on a nightstand to hold cell phones, in the kitchen to display citrus, and more. Such a multi-purpose gift item.
  4. Wire Basket – I love using wire baskets to organize my laundry room products. I also like them in my pantry to hold produce like potatoes or onions!
  5. Bullet Journal – This is an excellent gift because a bullet journal can be used in HUNDREDS of ways. You can use it for a to-do list, goal tracking, note keeping, or just straight journaling.
  6. Fountain Pen by Kaweko – Every journal needs a high quality pen! This fountain pen is great because it can be re-filled, making it a low waste alternative to disposable pens.
  7. 2022 Planner – If you have a friend who appreciates lists as much as I do, they will LOVE a fresh planner for the new year.
  8. Woven Basket – We use woven baskets as laundry bins, shoe bins in our entry, book organizers in our playroom, and more. These can be so versatile and nice display pieces as well!
  9. Weck Jars – Hands down my FAVORITE jars. Great in the kitchen for canning, fermenting, drinking, pantry storage, fridge organization, and more. Also great for organizing small items in an office, kids room, craft area, etc. The lids are a modular design so you can clip them with the rubber seal for an air tight close or just set the glass lid loosely on top for easy access to the contents inside. Easy to clean in the dishwasher, I could go on – I love these so much.
  10. Label Maker by Dymo – Nostalgic embossed labels can be used to help organize almost everything in the home.

Cleaning Gifts

Gifts for a clean person and the cleaning obsessed

Gifts for the Clean Obsessed

  1. Pill Shaver – Pill shavers are not only great for sweaters, they also work well on furniture and other upholstered items that pill over time! A great gift for a college student or recent graduate.
  2. Swedish Dish Cloths – These can be used in the kitchen to wash dishes, wipe down countertops, scrub high chairs, wipe floors, clean bathrooms, wash your face (obviously would want a clean cloth dedicated to this)… Super versatile and come in tons of fun designs.
  3. Dish Brush – This is my favorite dish brush because of the metal handle. It’s made with eco-friendly materials that are easy to recycle or compost. The metal handle is long lasting and won’t degrade or rot like similar brushes made with wooden handles will.
  4. Hand Cream – All of that cleaning can be hard on your hands! A high quality hand cream is something I never think to invest in for myself but always appreciate receiving.
  5. Cordless Vacuum – This might seem like a strange thing to give (or receive) as a gift but I have to say I use ours more than ANYTHING else in my house. Such a helpful gift for new or expecting parents, pet owners, college graduates, or any clean floor enthusiast.
  6. Le Labo Detergent – I think this makes a great gift for the fashionable friends in your life. If you know someone who likes to invest in quality clothing, I am willing to bet they will appreciate high quality cleaning products to care for and maintain their investments.
  7. Delicates Bag – Combine this with the fancy laundry detergents in a gift basket for your fashionable friend!
  8. Wool and Cashmere Shampoo – Such a handy gift during the winter months when people are wearing their favorite wool and cashmere clothing most frequently.
  9. Dish Soap Bar – A great gift for an eco-minded friend. This dish soap bar honestly works great for washing dishes. Pair it with the dish brush so your friend can enjoy clean pots and pans without any plastic waste!

Kids Cleaning Supply Gifts

Cleaning supplies for kids and toddlers

Gifts for clean little ones

  1. Linen Sponges – So sweet! Sometimes I let my little guys “help” me wash dishes at the kitchen sink. I set them up with their step stools, fill a few large metal bowls with water and toss some silverware inside. Linen sponges like these are perfect accessories for this type of activity.
  2. Napkin Folding Cloths – Kids WANT to help their parents with household tasks. Folding laundry is no exception! These folding cloths are sewn with guidelines to help toddlers learn how to do basic folding techniques. With this type of practice, my 3 year old is now capable of folding kitchen towels for me when we do laundry together.
  3. Mini Dyson Cordless Vacuum – Speaking of kids wanting to “help” my oldest son was OBSESSED with vacuums. Every time I would pull ours out, he ran to grab his mini version and “vacuumed” the floors beside me. It was a great way to include him in a task he desperately wanted to do himself.
  4. Child’s Mop – Same concept as the vacuum. Both of my boys just want to do whatever mommy is doing – mopping is no exception!
  5. Mini Enamel Bucket – Every mop needs a bucket! We use buckets for cleaning all kinds of things. My boys will fill their bucket inside to (sort of) wipe up the floors with me after meals. They also use buckets outside to “wash” their favorite toy trucks. They’ll also use paint brushes dipped in buckets of water to “paint” the concrete in our backyard. Tons of uses for a good bucket!
  6. Wash Mitts – These are helpful for really little kids who don’t quite have the dexterity to grab a sponge properly. Put their hand in the mitt and show them how to wipe spills from the table or the floor after snacks and meal times. It becomes a game and as they get better it become legitimately helpful!
  7. Small Squeegee – My kids help me wash windows with their little squeegees. They’re also fun to use in the bathtub. Sometimes my 3 year old will squeegee the entire tub after his bath is over before he gets out to towel off.
  8. Spray Bottles – 8oz – I fill these small bottles with filtered water so my kids can use them to “clean” any surface in the home without me hovering.
  9. Child’s Broom – My kids like to sweep with me outside and this broom is the perfect size!
  10. Child’s Dust Pan – Every broom needs a dust pan! I actually store this dust pan in our craft room. My 3 year old likes to use a hand broom to brush bits of paper he cuts into his dust pan and pour them into the trash.

Gifts for Post-Cleaning Relaxation

Gifts for relaxation

Gifts for Winding Down

  1. Wool Slippers by Nootkas – So so warm! These slippers are quality, long lasting, warm, no frills slippers. I like the simple unisex design. Plus they are easy to clean after the season ends!
  2. Organic Cotton Throw Blanket – What’s cozier than a soft throw blanket?
  3. Organic Waffle Robe – I have been in the market for a waffle robe for years and this one looks perfect. Easy to wear during warm and cool months, easy to clean, quality material. It ticks all of the boxes in my opinion.
  4. Cloche – Attractive way to display matches in any room.
  5. Beeswax Candles – I gave away all of our scented candles years ago, but I still love burning beeswax in my home. I think these make a great gift for your boss or coworkers!
  6. Wick Trimmer – For the candle lover in your life.
  7. Matches – Perfect for storing in the cloche!
  8. Wine Subscription – Who wouldn’t want this?
  9. Sateen Eye Mask – Great for a new mom who has a baby + night light in their bedroom. I used my eye mask nightly!
  10. Cashmere Scrunchie – I would pair this with a nice face mask and maybe candles for a girlfriend (especially a new mom). Toss in the wine subscription (or even just a bottle) and schedule a phone date to catch up while you and your friend coordinate a night of self care for yourselves after putting small kids to bed!

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