How to Organize Your Jewelry Collection

How to organize jewelry in any space - organize jewelry drawers, hanging storage, and more

In my opinion, there is no better feeling than living in a home where there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. I try my best to consider this rule when organizing the items in my home, including my jewelry collection. 

With that said, jewelry collections deserve a nicely organized place to rest so read on to learn how to organize your jewelry collection.

Inspect and Divide Jewelry by Category

The easiest way to start is to divide your jewelry by category. Put like with like (e.g., earrings, necklaces, watches, etc.) and if necessary, sub-divide each category by style (e.g., casual vs. special occasion or delicate vs. statement).

Inspect each piece for damage and set aside items that need to be repaired, cleaned or polished.

Determine What Stays and What Goes

When you clean out your closet, your goal is to finish the process with a closet full of only the items that you truly love and know you will wear. The same goal should apply when cleaning out your jewelry collection.

If you are unsure about whether or not to keep an item, ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Have you worn this piece within the last 12 months?
  • Is it sized appropriately?
  • Is it broken beyond repair?
  • Do you feel anything less than great when you are wearing it?
  • Is it even the right jewelry for your skin tone?

Using these questions as your guide, you will know when an item is worth repairing or if it is time to let it go.

How to Store Your Jewelry

Assign each piece that you decide to keep a visible storage space. This will prevent your items from getting lost or damaged. How you do this is very much dependent upon the size of your jewelry collection and the amount of dedicated storage space you have available.

Vertical Jewelry Storage

If you live in a smaller space where countertop and drawer storage is limited, I recommend vertical storage. Consider using hooks to display necklaces and bracelets or closet hanging pocket organizers to store items like statement earrings or watches.

Jewelry Drawer Organization

If you have extra drawers available, fill them with box organizers that have dedicated slots for each of your jewelry pieces.

Countertop Jewelry Storage

Countertop storage is great for displaying the items you wear most frequently. Collect pretty trays and bowls to store chunky bracelets and rings and add a necklace or earring stand. Trays with smaller compartments are also great for separating small items like rings or earrings.

How to Sell or Donate Unwanted Jewelry

For the items you’re ready to part with, you will have to decide whether to trash, donate, or sell. Your choice will largely depend on the value of each piece.

Items that are broken beyond repair should be thrown away. Items that are still in good condition but maybe aren’t worth the effort of selling (non-brand name / made using inexpensive materials) should be donated.

For items that are valuable but not considered “fine” jewelry, try selling to local consignment shops or listing them for sale online via second-hand marketplaces like thredup or poshmark.

If you’re interested in selling fine jewelry items, then a luxury auction marketplace like is a hassle-free, trustworthy option.

Once you have finished sorting, selling, and determining an organizational system that works for your jewelry collection, hopefully you will be inspired to wear those once forgotten items more frequently!

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