Wooden Magnetic Wall Mounted Knife Holders

Wall mounted knife holder

If you enjoy cooking in a clean, clutter-free kitchen, then a wall mounted knife holder is well worth your consideration. Wall mounted knife holders are fantastic because they do not contribute to countertop clutter, but they’re still in super easy access when you need them. I love that my knives are one less thing I have to set aside when cleaning my countertops.

My husband and I both love cooking – we switch off grocery/cooking duties for our family each week and cook almost every single meal we eat at home. Because of this, we invested in quality knives that deserve to be displayed! Here are some of my favorite options for wall mounted magnetic wood knife racks.

Best Wooden Magnetic Wall Mounted Knife Holders

Crate & Barrel Schmidt Brothers Acacia Wood Knife Bar

Crate and Barrel wall mounted knife holders

This is the wall mounted knife holder that we use in my home. It is incredibly sturdy, not too difficult to install (we have moved 3 times with ours!), and looks nice in just about any kitchen. If you’re less into the natural wood, there is a black stain version as well; $59.99.

Williams Sonoma Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder

Williams Sonoma magnetic knife holder

Made from North American walnut, this option has a nice, darker stain; $99.95-$199.95 depending on size at Williams Sonoma.

Etsy Rustic Magnetic Knife Strip

Etsy rustic wooden wall mounted knife holder

This wall mounted knife holder is hand made from reclaimed walnut wood and holds 6-8 knives depending on size; $90-$110 depending on size.

Etsy Magnetic Wood Knife Holder

Etsy wall mounted knife holder magnetic knife strip

Made of black walnut in a wide variety of sizes, from a 12” version that holds 4 knives, to a 26” version that holds 12 knives; $45-$97 depending on size from Etsy.

Etsy Barnwood Knife Holder

Reclaimed wood wall mounted knife strip

Made from salvaged Douglas Fir barn wood; $35-$115 depending on size from Etsy.

Where to Hang Magnetic Knife Holders

If you’re unsure about where to hang your magnetic knife rack, take a minute to think about how you navigate your kitchen. Where do you currently store your cutting boards and where do you typically chop veggies? I recommend hanging your magnetic knife rack in a location that helps with your cooking efficiency. Below are some popular options.

Above the Sink

Above the sink is great for quickly washing, drying, and immediately hanging your knives back up after using them. 

Above the Oven

Usually the wall space above the oven is unused, so if you’re working in a tight kitchen this could be a good option for you.

To the Side of the Oven

This is probably my favorite option since I do most of my chopping right next to my stovetop. Very easy to grab a knife, chop, then pour my veggies into a pot or onto a sheet pan and into the oven.

Sides of Cabinets

This is the setup we currently have in our house. We have a stone backsplash that goes up to the base of our cabinets that we didn’t want to drill holes into. Sides of cabinets are also a good option for magnetic knife racks if you simply don’t have a lot of wall space.

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