5 Best Boot Scrapers and Brushes

Not to be confused with a door mat – boot scrapers are built to scrape and brush away caked on mud, dirt, grass, snow or other muck from boots. Door mats are more useful for brushing away dirt and loose debris from the bottom of shoes before entering a house, but do very little for bigger scraping jobs. 

If you notice that you or other family members tend to make a muddy mess of their boots on a regular basis, it might be worth investing in a boot scraper for your home. 

Best Heavy Duty: Rhino Bilt Folding Boot Scraper

Best Wrought Iron: Vintage Style Wrought Iron Boot Scraper 

Best In-Ground Stake: Achla Designs Metal Boot Scraper

Best Coconut Coir: Ninamar Natural Coir Boot Scraper

Best Novelty: Hedgehog Boot Brush

Brief History of Boot Scrapers

Before the advent of paved roads and walkways in the 19th century, people traveled on dirt paths and roads. In rainy seasons, that dirt turned into mud (often mixed with horse excrement, garbage, and other unsavory materials). During this time, there was a very practical need for boot scrapers to be installed outside of homes and buildings for visitors to scrape muck from their boots before entering a residence. 

The most common material used for 19th century boot scrapers was hand-wrought iron. These early versions were usually secured permanently to an exterior stone entryway fixture, stair step, stair railing, or the side of a stone building (source: Practical Preservation Services).

Today, boot scrapers are made from a wide array of materials and many include stiff brush bristles for extra cleaning power. They are most commonly used outside of country homes or farmhouses where it’s common for residents to walk through mud and muck on a regular basis.

Best Heavy Duty: Rhino Bilt Folding Boot Scraper

This sturdy boot brush is made with a heavy gauge steel base to keep it in place when using. Because of the way this boot brush is designed, you have the option to mount it to the ground or use it free-standing. The metallic sides are magnetic and fold down so you can stand on them with one boot while brushing the other boot clean.

I also like how the bristles on this boot brush are posed in multiple directions. Too often boot brushes are manufactured with bristles that only poke out in two directions: directly sideways and directly upwards. This boot brush features bristles that face various angles making it more effective at removing debris from the crevices and treads on the sides and underneath mucky boots.


  • Option to use free standing or mount into the ground
  • Strong bristles facing all directions to remove mud from boot crevices and treads


  • It’s functional, but not very nice to look at

Best Wrought Iron: Vintage Style Wrought Iron Boot Scraper 

Renovators Supply Manufacturing Boot Scraper 6 in. Black Wrought Iron Floor Mount Boot Scraper
  • DURABLE MATERIAL – Our black vintage Boot Scraper is made of superior wrought iron material. Our exclusive rust resistant finish makes it ideal for outdoor use.
  • DIMENSIONS – Total Width – 6 Inches, Total Height = 3.25 Inches, Mounting screws – Included.
  • EASY FLOOR INSTALLATION – Includes free antique style slotted pyramid head mounting screws for easy installation. Installs with screws on floor.

If you prefer the look and utility of a traditional boot scraper then this is the one for you. It’s designed to be permanently mounted to the ground somewhere near your entryway. Household members and guests can use it to scrape the bottoms of their boots or shoes before entering your home. 

Historically, boot scrapers like this were hand-made and installed near entryways, on stair steps or stair railings, or on the sides of stone buildings as you can still see in some places throughout Europe. 

One benefit of boot scrapers vs. boot brushes is that scrapers are much easier to clean. Simply sweep dried mud and dirt from underneath then use a hose to rinse away whatever dirt is left.  


  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely Sturdy
  • Attractive


  • Won’t remove mud from the sides of shoes 
  • Requires permanent mounting

Best In-Ground Stake: Achla Designs Metal Boot Scraper

Achla Designs BS-03 Metal Boot Scraper Outdoor, Black 17″L
  • 17-inch h by 11-inch w
  • Black powder coat
  • Keep the mud outside with help from this boot scraper

For those who like the look and utility of a traditional, floor-mounted boot scraper but aren’t ready to drill a permanent fixture into their entryway, then this design is the perfect alternative. This boot scraper features long 17 inch metal stakes that can be pierced into soil, dirt, or grass near an entryway or entry path. 

It’s used the same way a traditional boot scraper is used, but there is no drilling required. But be careful about where you choose to stake this boot scraper. If it’s in a high-traffic location you run the risk of family members or guests tripping over it and injuring themselves. 


  • No permanent mounting required
  • Long 17” stakes make the final installation very sturdy and easy to use


  • Not easy to brush or scrape mud from the sides of boots

Best Coconut Coir: Ninamar Natural Coir Boot Scraper

NINAMAR Natural Coir Boot Scraper Door Mat – 13 x 12 inch
  • Strong, thin fibers strip caked on dirt, mud, snow & grass from shoes & boots
  • Attractive, modern design fits any home décor
  • Made with sustainable, environmentally-friendly natural coconut fiber (Coir)

This natural coir boot scraper is perfect for the household that appreciates clean boots and shoes but doesn’t require a heavy duty scraper to achieve that. Made with stiff coir bristles and metal, it’s an attractive design that is effective at scraping away light mud and dirt but not as good at removing heavy duty mud or muck.

I like that this scraper is made using all weather resistant, sustainable materials. It’s also an attractive addition to your entryway. While it might be less heavy-duty than the other boot scrapers on this list, it’s still a very effective tool for cleaning boots and shoes that collect everyday dirt, snow, cut grass, and light mud.


  • All weather resistant
  • Made with sustainable materials
  • Attractive


  • Not for heavy duty use, best for light mud and dirt removal

Best Novelty: Hedgehog Boot Brush

Redecker Bassine Fiber Shoe Cleaning Hedgehog, 11-3/4 inches, Sturdy Beechwood Base, Durable Natural…
  • EFFORTLESS HANDS-FREE CLEANING: An easy hands-free way to remove dirt and debris from soles of shoes; rounded bristle head provides plenty of surface area for dirty boots
  • STIFF NATURAL BRISTLES: Tough bassine fiber bristles effectively remove coarse buildup from nooks and crannies of shoes; plant fibers are naturally durable and water-resistant
  • BEAUTIFUL HANDCRAFTED BEECHWOOD: Sturdy base made from all-natural beechwood; ages gracefully over time

If you want a boot scraper that doubles as decor then this is a great option. It’s made in Germany from beautiful beechwood and tough, natural bassine fiber bristles. This boot scraper will age gracefully over time. To clean it, simply turn it over and shake out any debris. 

I have been extremely impressed by the other high quality cleaning brushes I have used from the Redecker product line, and this boot brush is no exception. To be clear, this is more of a boot brush than a traditional scraper. It’s best reserved for light mud and dirt removal vs. heavy muck. 

With that said, it’s made to last and add some charm and character to your entryway.


  • Quality manufacturing, built to last
  • Made from natural materials: beechwood base and bassine fiber bristles
  • Doubles as decor


  • Not for heavy duty boot cleaning 


Weather Resistant Materials

If you plan on storing your boot brush or boot scraper outdoors in all seasons, it’s important to invest in a model that will stand up to the elements. Consider boot scrapers made from iron or brushes made with pressure treated wood bases. 

Brush Bristle Location and Direction

Boot brushes that feature varied brush bristle angles do a better job of brushing mud out of the crevices around the soles and between the treads on the bottoms of your boots. Take a look at the bristle arrangement on the boot brush and invest in one that has very stiff bristles facing multiple directions.

Free-Standing vs. Mounted Design

Don’t want a permanent boot brush or boot scraper feature in your entryway? Consider investing in a model that doesn’t require mounting to use. Alternatively, you can choose to mount your boot scraper to a piece of plywood that can be temporarily set down in your entryway during rainy and muddy seasons.

Boot Scraper Best Practices

Make sure the width works for your boots

Most boot brushes are “one size fits most” but if you have particularly wide or narrow feet then it’s worth noting the width of a boot brush before investing. If possible, test it out with the boots you’ll most often be scraping to make sure bristles can reach all sides of your boots without issue.

Sweep away the mess in between uses

A boot brush or boot scraper can only work well if it’s kept clean! Make sure to sweep away dried mud and dirt between uses. That way you’re always brushing your boots against clean bristles or a clean scraper. 


Where do you put a boot scraper?

The best place for a boot scraper is right outside your entry door(s). If you have multiple entry doors it might be worth investing in a boot scraper outside of each entry. This way you and your guests can properly clean their shoes or boots before entering your home.

How often should I brush my boots?

The frequency is going to depend on how often and where you’re wearing your boots! Anytime your boots are worn in mud, muck, snow, or wet grass it’s a good idea to scrape or brush them clean. 

How do I clean the leather on my boots after scraping?

After you scrape away mud from leather boots, it’s a good idea to clean and condition the leather. Cleaning leather boots will maintain their quality and lengthen their lifespan. I like using specialty cleaners formulated specifically for leather on my leather boots, jackets, and purses. For detailed how-to instructions, here is a post on how to clean leather. 

Best boot scrapers and boot brushes

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