How to Organize Jeans

Pile of denim blue jeans - how to organize jeans

I am, without question, a “jeans and a t-shirt” kind of girl. In the fall, winter, and spring, I wear jeans nearly every single day. In the summer, I switch to denim shorts. 

It’s a simple formula, and I love simplicity

Because I wear jeans so often, I like to store them in a way that makes them easy to see and access. 

With that in mind, I’m sharing how to organize jeans with these 6 methods.

How to Organize Jeans

Hang Jeans from Regular Hangers

Row of blue jeans on hangers - How to Organize Jeans

Hanging jeans from regular hangers is my preferred way to organize jeans. This works well if you have plenty of hanging space in your closet.

It’s a simple method, all you have to do is fold your jeans along the zipper so the back pockets show and the legs are long.

Then thread the legs through your hanger and drape them over the center hanger bar.


If you love a beautiful closet, here’s a simple tip. Make sure to hang your pants so the crotch part of the pant faces IN the closet and the nice, smooth pant leg faces out. I swear it makes the pant section of your wardrobe look and feel so much better.

I like this method because I don’t have to invest in specialty hangers. All the hangers in my closet match and can be used to hang any clothing, not just pants. 


  • Easy to do with hangers you likely already have
  • Easy to keep all denim pants in one place within view
  • Easy to grab


  • Requires a significant amount of precious hanging space depending on the size of your denim collection

Hang Jeans from Clip Hangers

Blue jeans on clip hangers - How to organize jeans

Clip hangers are perhaps the most classic way to hang pants of any kind. These hangers have two clips on opposite ends that grab onto the jeans’ waistband.

Sometimes, clip hangers can create a slight dent in the pant fabric where the clip grabs onto the waistband. But because denim is such a durable fabric, you don’t have to worry about clip hangers leaving a mark. 

I’d say the one drawback to clip hangers is that they are the most time-consuming way to organize jeans. But this is a very slight drawback (it only takes me a little less time to fold jeans over a regular hanger bar). 

If you use this method, try to hang jeans so the back pockets face the same direction. This will make this section of your closet look extra tidy and beautiful.


  • Classic way to hang pants
  • Easy to keep all of your denim looking streamlined with this method
  • Clips won’t easily dent denim fabric


  • Requires investment in clip hangers that only work to hang pants, skirts, and shorts
  • Requires long hanging space that otherwise may be used for dresses or long coats

Hang Jeans from S-Hooks

Jeans on s-hook hangers - How to organize jeans

S-hooks are becoming a more and more popular way to display jeans in clothing retail stores. 

I can understand why. It’s a fast and easy way to showcase a lot of denim. 

S-hooks couldn’t be simpler to use. Loop the lower hook through a belt loop, then hang the top hook over your closet rail.

This is a great storage solution for someone with plenty of hanging space and little motivation to properly fold their jeans before putting them away.


  • Very easy and fast way to hang jeans
  • A great option for teenagers or adults who aren’t motivated to properly fold their clothes before putting them away
  • Keeps jeans in plain view
  • Easy to grab


  • Requires investment in s-hooks that fit your clothes rail
  • Can cause excess wear on belt loops
  • Won’t work for denim without belt loops
  • Requires long hanging space that otherwise may be used for dresses or long coats

File Fold Jeans in a Drawer

Jeans folded in drawer - How to organize jeans

If you’re low on hanging space, folding might be your preferred option for organizing your jeans.

One easy and attractive solution is to file-fold your jeans into a drawer. 

I like to file-fold everything that I store in dresser drawers. It makes it easier for me to grab one item from the drawer without disturbing any other items also folded in the drawer.

File-folded jeans allow you to see each wash of denim you own, but if you have multiple pairs of jeans in the same wash, you will have to pull out each pair to determine the style.


  • Space-saving
  • An attractive way to organize jeans in a drawer
  • Easy to grab one pair of denim without disturbing the others folded in the drawer


  • Difficult to determine at a glance which pair of denim is which if you have multiple pairs in the same wash. 

Roll Jeans in a Drawer

Jeans rolled in drawer - How to organize jeans

If the idea of file-folding your jeans intimidates you, try rolling them instead!

Fold your pants lengthwise along the zipper so the back pockets face out. Then start rolling them from the waistband down the pant leg.

Once you have your rolled denim, you can set each pair into a drawer with the rolled edge facing up.

Having the rolled edge face up makes it easier to tell which pair is which. You’ll see variations in each wash and even in the width of each pant leg. 

This method will look the best when you roll and store pants with similar-style legs in the same drawer. A rolled-up skinny jean next to a rolled-up wide-leg pant might look wonky in the same drawer.

If you have multiple pairs of jeans in similar pant-leg styles, this could be a nice, organized storage solution.


  • Space-saving
  • Slightly easier to determine denim style when rolled vs folded
  • For some, rolling is easier than folding


  • Not an ideal storage method for wide-leg jeans

Stack Folded Jeans on a Shelf

Jeans stacked on shelf - How to organize jeans

Last but not least, we have the classic shelf stack. 

All you have to do is fold your jeans in half lengthwise, then in thirds. Fold the pant legs toward the center, then fold the waistband over the ankle.

I like to stack jeans so the back pocket shows on the top. This sometimes makes it easier to identify each pair of jeans as you thumb through the stack, but of course you can stack them whatever way looks best to you.

The one downside to organizing jeans on a shelf is that it’s difficult to pull a pair from the bottom of the stack without disturbing the rest. 

You might re-fold a pair or two to keep the stack looking tidy. 


  • An attractive way to display a collection of jeans
  • Simple folding method
  • Easy to neatly stack folded pairs on top of one another


  • Not always easy to pull one pair of denim from a stack without disturbing the rest of the pile


Is it better to fold or hang jeans?

It depends on how much space you have in your closet. If you have ample hanging space, hanging is a great way to organize your jeans. If you have plenty of drawers or shelf space, it’s easy to fold and stack or file-fold your jeans.

How do I store jeans in my closet?

My preferred method for storing jeans is to hang them. I like to drape each pair of jeans over a regular hanger bar so that all the hangers in my closet match. 

With that said, you can also hang jeans from clip hangers or even s-hooks. 

What is the best way to store folded jeans?

I like to file-fold jeans into a bin or a drawer. File-folding allows me to grab one pair of jeans without disturbing the other pairs. 

No need to re-fold or reorganize a stack of denim to keep it looking tidy. All of the pairs stay in place without any additional effort.

Final Thoughts on Organizing Jeans

With an organized denim collection, you can save time getting dressed each morning! Hopefully one of these six ideas for organizing denim resonates with you and works for your closet. 

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