Sustainable Alternative to Toilet Paper

Sustainable alternative to toilet paper
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Toilet paper is currently in high demand and very low supply. I have heard terrible stories about consumers actually fighting one another in the grocery paper consumables aisle over the last package of toilet paper! This is upsetting because in a pinch, there does exist a good alternative to toilet paper that is effective and sanitary if used correctly. 

So instead of panicking, let’s consider a simple, sustainable alternative to toilet paper.

Sustainable Alternative to Toilet Paper

The most simple, and sustainable alternative to toilet paper is this: water and soap. In fact, if you clean yourself properly with water (and a little soap if necessary) after going to the bathroom, you will be far cleaner than if you just used conventional toilet paper.

With that said, it might be worth investing in one of the following water generating tools to make this toilet paper-free cleaning process as sanitary and effortless as possible.

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment ($75-$100)

The bidet is probably the most commonly discussed alternative to toilet paper right now. There are many that can be conveniently installed on your toilet seat that work extremely well! You connect the bidet to your water source and install it to your toilet. Then when you use the bathroom, you can push a button to signal it to spray your rear (and/or front, in some models!) with water until you are clean.

Most people will follow up with a small amount of toilet paper to dry off and ensure that they’re clean, but if you truly don’t have ANY toilet paper (or spare paper towel you can toss in the trash) you might have to keep a soap pump next to your toilet to clean your hands after doing a check. It sounds grotesque (I frankly don’t even like typing that suggestion), but in a serious pinch this will absolutely work. 

Bidets aren’t the cheapest alternative to toilet paper, but many toilet seat attachments won’t set you back more than $100. See some of the highest rated options below:

Additional places to purchase:

Toilet Hose Sprayer Attachment ($30-$75)

Not ready to invest in a bidet? A toilet hose attachment is a slightly lower cost but equally effective solution. These are small hoses attached to a hand-held spray mechanism, usually with a wall or toilet mount for easy storage.

These are essentially handheld bidet sprayers. You take the spray head in your hand and aim the water to clean yourself. Fun fact: A lot of moms who cloth diaper their babies invest in these to rinse dirty diapers in the toilet before laundering.

Again, like with the bidets mentioned above, if you’re truly out of toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels you might need to get a hand involved to make sure you do a thorough job (cringe, I know). Please store a liquid soap pump next to your toilet to keep things as sanitary as possible!

Peri Bottles ($3-$15)

Just about every woman who has birthed a baby vaginally will have experience with a peri bottle. This is a plastic bottle with a squirt top filled with water used to clean after urination. When toilet paper is scarce, these could also be used to clean your rear. Not fancy, but very inexpensive and would definitely work in a pinch.

Make sure you keep hands as clean as possible in this process and wash thoroughly with soap and water!

Bucket of Water and Plastic Cup

If you’re really desperate for an alternative to toilet paper, and aren’t interested in investing in any of the options above, here is a rudimentary toilet paper alternative using tools most of us should already have in our homes. Fill a bucket with clean water, and inside leave a plastic cup. After using the bathroom, fill the plastic cup with water and rinse yourself over and over (and over) again until clean. 

This isn’t the most efficient (or pleasant) option, but it will work if you’re desperate for a cheap (or free) alternative to toilet paper. 

Lastly, here are some sustainable ways to prepare your home for Coronavirus quarantine.

Sustainable toilet paper alternative. No toilet paper? No problem! Here are sustainable alternatives to toilet paper.

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  1. What about using your kleenex or similar rectangular box tissues? those work fine and flush fine in a pinch. also, a note while not being able to buy toilet paper here for over a month at stores, through shipt, through instacart, amazon, you name it. My 89 year old mom was running out and I was close behind her. Here’s my tip: call your local 99cents store to see if they have some. I called saturday at 815 am and they had just received a big delivery fri night.

    Thanks for your information! Michele Vlasimsky

  2. For literally years, I have used a squirt bottle that is normally used in beauty salons for applying color. I simply fill it with water with a little soap shake it and keep it in my bathroom to squeeze out the water, both front and back, yes I use my hands. Then cut squares of flannel to pat dry … rinse out in the sink with a little soap and hang to dry. It’s usually ready by the next time I need it again. Of course I wash my hands before and after. Yes I do have toilet paper that I use when the poo needs are more than I care to handle with my hand.

    Pre wash white flannel, cut in squares of a 6 by 6 inches, zigzag the edge or straight stitch, wash with regular whites. These will last for a very long time.

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