Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Ideas for an Eco Friendly Christmas

It’s easy to get swept away by the pressure to over-consume during the holiday season. An eco-friendly Christmas is not always top of mind but with a little planning, it’s pretty easy to stay “green” this time of year. Below I listed my favorite ways to strive for an eco-friendly Christmas holiday when throwing parties, decorating your home and tree, and purchasing gifts.

  • Turn down the heat before guests arrive – warm bodies will heat up the space naturally and you will save energy
  • Keep to-go containers on hand to send guests home with leftovers to reduce food waste
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper – re-usable AND fancier table presentation
  • Shop used! Look at second hand stores for your holiday decorations. The best time to do this is immediately after the holiday season to prepare for the following year – this is also a great way to save money!
  • Use smaller LED lights, they require less energy and they’re more durable
  • There are strong debates about whether a real or fake Christmas tree is more eco friendly, but the ultimate option is using a living tree already in your home. This year we wrapped Christmas lights around our house plants instead!
  • Buy used ornaments – flea markets often have vendors selling awesome antique ornaments (my mother in law is fantastic at collecting these!)
  • Use compostable decorations – stringing popcorn and creating gingerbread or dried citrus slice ornaments are great alternatives to plastic tinsel or store bought ornaments
  • Buy used whenever possible
  • Gift experiences instead of “things”
  • Bring your own bags when shopping for gifts
  • Be mindful of shipping waste (this is something I can definitely improve on!) shopping in stores can reduce excessive packaging and fuel waste
  • Use recycled wrapping paper

Eco friendly Christmas ideas

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