Sustainable Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday Photo Card

Ever since baby Ford joined us earlier this year, my husband and I have been thinking a lot about our favorite holiday traditions and which ones we’d like to continue within our own little family. Growing up, one of my favorites was sending and receiving holiday photo cards.

As a kid, I loved receiving photo cards from far-away friends and family members because it was fun to see how they had changed since the prior year’s pictures. Receiving Christmas letters detailing what their family had been up to was always a bonus!

One thing that has changed since I was younger is my environmental awareness and passion for sustainability. In today’s world, the most sustainable choice for sending holiday cards would be to go digital… but considering that my favorite part of the holiday card tradition is the ability to display and share them with visitors (not to mention, keep a collection of our own family’s holiday photo cards from years past), I am not ready to give up printed holiday cards. This is why it’s important to me to order our printed cards from a company that not only prioritizes quality and customer convenience, but sustainability as well.

Basic Invite prints paper products that are FSC certified (manufactured responsibly with reduced effects on the environment), and most of their papers are recycled (50% recycled content (40% Pre-Consumer & 10% Post-Consumer)).

Additionally, they offer over 500 Christmas card designs to choose from. If you’re unsure about what design to choose, they allow you to order CUSTOM samples (with your actual name and family photo – not a sample with a random stock image) so you can determine your favorite by the printed look and feel vs guessing based on an image on your computer screen.

Text and background colors are super customizable (over 180 colors to choose from!). Because of this, I was able to pick the perfect shade of red text to match Ford’s red striped outfit in his photo. They also offer 40 envelope colors.

Something unique that Basic Invite offers is an address capturing service. Share a link on one (or all) of your social channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for friends and family to provide their mailing addresses, then that address information goes straight into your Basic Invite account. If you communicate regularly with friends and family via social media, this makes collecting addresses easy. Once you have your addresses, you can print pre-addressed envelopes and really simplify the whole mailing process.

If you’re also in the market for holiday photo cards, Basic Invite is currently offering a 30% discount with the coupon code: holi30

Happy Holidays!

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