Best Natural Deodorant Pastes and Creams

Best Natural Deodorant Pastes and Creams

Are you tired of using antiperspirants that contain harmful chemicals and leave you feeling dry but also itchy and uncomfortable? If so, then you’re in the right place. Natural deodorant pastes and creams are a great alternative for those wanting to keep odor at bay without sacrificing health or comfort. 

In this blog post, I’m sharing some of the best natural deodorant options on the market that are effective, safe, and gentle on your skin. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to all-natural freshness!

What is Natural Deodorant?

Natural deodorants can take the form of pastes, creams, balms, or sticks and are generally better than commercial ones for several reasons. Natural deodorants are typically made from ingredients free of harmful chemicals such as aluminum, parabens, and phthalates linked to various health concerns (Source: Stoiber, 2019). 

Natural deodorants contain natural antibacterial ingredients such as coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils, which can help prevent odor-causing bacteria. A 2018 study highlights the benefits of using natural plant oils as an alternative approach for skincare, particularly in managing skin inflammation, improving skin barrier function, and offering more effective and long-lasting protection against body odor. 

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant 

Deodorants deodorize the odor-causing bacteria in your armpits, but they don’t prevent you from sweating. Antiperspirants prevent perspiration. Most contain an aluminum compound which prevents you from sweating by clogging up the sweat glands. 

This aluminum compound can cause irritation, amongst other problems. Many commercial “deodorant” products are both a deodorant and an antiperspirant, meaning they perform both jobs (Source: Penn Medicine). 

Deodorant Paste vs. Deodorant Stick

What’s the difference between a deodorant paste and a stick? Pastes usually come in a tin or a jar, requiring you to scoop out a small amount and rub it on your skin. Pastes are a great all-rounder. They can last longer than sticks and are more adaptable for whole-body use. 

Deodorant sticks come in a solid form and benefit from a more traditional application experience similar to roll-on deodorants, so they’re great if you want to switch to natural deodorants! 

Best Deodorant Pastes and Creams

Little Seed Farm Deodorant Cream

Little Seed Farm All Natural Deodorant Cream, Aluminum Free Deodorant for Women or Men, 2.4 Ounce -…
  • ALUMINUM & BAKING SODA FREE: Our Coconut Natural Deodorant Cream is a baking soda- and aluminum-free deodorant for women and men, and is an ideal natural deodorant for sensitive skin.
  • 24-HOUR FORMULA: Eliminate underarm odor for 24 or more hours. Our organic deodorant’s essential oil blend keeps you fresh all day long.
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC: Our certified cruelty-free and GMO-free organic deodorant is formulated with 100% natural ingredients.

First on our list is Little Seed Farm, who run several operations on their 84-acre sustainably-run farm. That includes managing a 100% grass-fed goat herd! Little Seed Farm is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality soap and deodorant products using sustainable ingredients. 

Their deodorant cream is aluminum and baking soda free, packaged in a reusable glass jar with a recyclable metal lid. You can choose from 9 scents ranging from cedar vanilla to rosemary patchouli.

If you are still determining what scent will suit you best, you can order free samples! Simply pay the low shipping fee (only $2.99 at the time of publishing), and you can test a variety of scents before committing to a purchase. Lastly, if this is your first time switching to a natural deodorant, they offer a handy guide here


  • Aluminum and baking soda free.
  • Packaged in a glass jar with a recyclable metal lid.
  • Full-size deodorant includes a free wooden scoop stick.
  • Free samples are available. Just pay the $2.99 shipping fee.
  • Orders above $25 qualify for free shipping.


  • Only the full-size deodorant includes the free wooden scoop stick. Otherwise, use your fingers to apply the deodorant.
  • Bamboo applicator tool sold separately ($4 at time of publishing).
  • As with most natural deodorants, it is made using coconut, so if it gets cold the paste will solidify and you may need to warm it up to make it easier to apply.


  • Price: From $13.99 (at the time of publishing)
  • Active Ingredient: Coconut oil
  • Jar Size: 2.4 oz | 68g
  • Ethos: cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny approved), natural and organic ingredients, sustainably-made, family-owned, zero-waste shipping

Routine Natural Deodorant Jar

Routine Natural Deodorant Superstar (Activated Charcoal, Magnesium and Prebiotics) Deo Jar | 2 Fluid…
  • CONFIDENCE IN A JAR. This little jar of wonder was created for your underarms, but its natural formula means you can put it on all your places. Your feet, between your thighs, nape of neck, and your…
  • Apply a dime-sized amount to each underarm, and any area of your external body that you’d like to smell nice. This is our CHARCOAL & PREBIOTIC formula, with activated charcoal and reduced baking soda,…

From the Canadian Rockies to your bathroom, Routine offers various deodorants to suit all skin types. Their deodorants come in a huge range of scents (at least 17!). They also offer a variety of deodorant formulas to suit different body types, including baking soda-free, vegan, and extra-strength deodorants. 

Routine natural deodorants are free from aluminum, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and phthalates and are packaged in refillable glass jars. 


  • A huge range of scents (at least 17!) and formulas to suit different body types, including baking soda-free, vegan, and extra-strength deodorants. 
  • Free from aluminum, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and phthalates.
  • Refillable glass jars.


  • On the expensive side, but a jar can last you between 3 to 6 months with regular use.


  • Price: $29.00
  • Active Ingredient: Coconut oil
  • Jar Size: 58g
  • Ethos: Cruelty-Free, Dermatologist Tested

Pretty Frank Natural Deodorant Jar

Pretty Frank Natural Deodorant Jar – Natural Deodorant for Women, Men & Teens in a Jar,…
  • TRULY NATURAL, ORGANIC DEODORANT: Pretty Frank Natural Jar Deodorants work with your body, not against it. It’s a daily deodorant men and women prefer, made without chemicals or harsh ingredients.
  • BAKING SODA-FREE & ALUMINUM-FREE: This deodorant is baking soda free and aluminum free, so it’s great for sensitive skin. Activated charcoal, zinc, and magnesium hydroxide act as a natural…
  • MADE WITH ORGANIC, FOOD-GRADE INGREDIENTS: Our all natural deodorant is made with simple ingredients safe enough to eat, cruelty-free, vegan, sulfate-free, gluten-free, and without parabens or GMOs.

Pretty Frank is true to their name by being upfront about their ingredients. They are one of the most transparent natural body care companies. Pretty Frank deodorants are aluminum-free, paraben-free, and do not include artificial fragrance. They also offer baking soda-free options, which are great for people with sensitive skin. 

You can choose between jar and stick applicators. One jar should last around three months of daily use. Pretty Frank also packages their deodorants in recyclable and plant-based materials. 

Keep in mind that over-application of Pretty Franks products may cause fabric staining as they are made out of coconut oil and shea butter. A little goes a long way, and it is a good idea to let the product absorb into your skin before getting dressed! However, many customer reviews state they have not had any problems with staining. 

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When it comes to scent, they offer gender-neutral scents and unscented products as well. Lastly, most of their products are vegan, apart from the Baking Soda deodorant sticks, which are made with organic beeswax.


  • Baking soda-free options great for people with sensitive skin. 
  • Aluminum-free, paraben-free, no artificial fragrance.
  • Jar and stick products available. 
  • Recyclable and plant-based packaging.
  • Most products are vegan, apart from the Baking Soda deodorant sticks, which are made with organic beeswax.


  • Over-application of Pretty Franks products may cause fabric staining as they are made out of coconut oil and shea butter.
  • The product can dry up slightly in the jar if left open and exposed to air for too long. 


  • Price: $14 (at time of publishing)
  • Active Ingredient: coconut oil and shea butter
  • Jar Size: 56g 
  • Stick Size: 77g
  • Ethos: Leaping Bunny Certified, certified organic ingredients, cruelty-free, hand-crafted in Austin, Texas.

Milk + Honey Aluminum Free Deodorant Cream

milk + honey Cream Deodorant No. 20, Aluminum Free Deodorant with Coconut and Vanilla, Natural…
  • Natural cream deodorant that actually works – Feel (and smell) fresh all day! milk + honey cream deodorant No. 20 is the perfect natural deodorant for women and men with an odor-neutralizing ability…
  • Nourishes the skin – Our hyperclean aluminum free deodorant has organic ingredients to nourish the skin. This cream deodorant for women and men has shea fruit butter, beeswax, and coconut oil to…
  • Calming and relaxing fragrance – Count on milk + honey all natural deodorant to keep you fresh and comfortable every day. The pleasing coconut and vanilla scent brings out a sweet and warm aroma to…

Milk + Honey’s brand began as a spa way back in 2006. They now produce ‘hyperclean’ products using only premium ingredients that are not only luxurious but also good for you. Their products are crafted in small batches using premium quality ingredients.

When it comes to deodorant, you can choose between jar and stick applicators. If you have sensitive skin, you can opt for their baking soda-free formula. For scent, Milk + Honey uses natural essential oils. 


  • Aluminum-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free.
  • Both jar and stick form versions are available. 
  • Baking soda-free options are available in the stick form.
  • Scented with essential oil.


  • The lavender and tea-tree scent may cause skin irritation for some users while the skin pH adjusts during the transition period. 
  • Cream deodorants N°20, N°33, N°46, and N°52 contain beeswax, so they are not vegan. 
  • The stick deodorant container is made out of plastic. 


  • Price: (at time of publishing): $16 
  • Active Ingredient: Shea fruit butter, beeswax, and coconut oil
  • Jar Size: 2.5 oz | 71g
  • Stick Size: 3 oz | 85g
  • Ethos: Hyperclean ingredients

Soapwalla Organic Deodorant Cream

Soapwalla – Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant Cream (Original) | Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Clean Skincare…
  • WHAT IT IS: A Unique Cream Deodorant Made From Naturally Powerful Vegetable Powder, Clay, + A Blend of Oils Including Lavender, Peppermint, + Tea Tree, That Tackle Odor For Long-Lasting Freshness.
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: Safe For Use On Feet, Torso, + Other Areas That Require Refreshment. Ideal For All Skin Types. Unisex.
  • HOW TO USE: Gently Stir Deodorant Until Well-Mixed. Scoop A Small Amount With Your Finger + Apply It To The Entire Underarm Area. Allow Cream To Absorb Completely, Then Go About Your Day, Odor-Free!

Soapwalla creates products by hand in small batches in their Brooklyn studio. They are dedicated to using safe, organic, food-grade plant materials that are sustainably grown and minimally processed. 

Their deodorants are aluminum-free, paraben-free, artificial fragrance- free and crafted from natural, certified vegan ingredients.

Soapwalla is committed to sustainable packaging. Their deodorant pastes are packaged in glass. Their labels and cartons are post-consumer recycled and FSC-certified. They use soy inks for their printing and ship products in recyclable or biodegradable packaging. 


  • Made from vegetable powder, clay, and essential oils.
  • Crafted from natural, certified vegan ingredients.
  • Aluminum-free, paraben-free, artificial fragrance-free.
  • Suitable for all genders. 
  • Sustainable packaging


  • Soapwalla doesn’t use unnecessary waxes or hardeners, so temperature fluctuations can alter the solidity of the deodorant, but it doesn’t compromise its effectiveness. 
  • There are currently only four fragrances to choose from (original, citrus, citrus sensitive, and lavender mint).


  • Price: $15 (at time of publishing)
  • Active Ingredient: Shea butter
  • Jar Size: 2 oz | 57g
  • Ethos: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Organic, Natural Ingredients

Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant

It may take some time to adjust to natural deodorant pastes and sticks if you are transitioning away from conventional deodorants or antiperspirants that contain sweat-preventing aluminum. 

Sweating is your body’s natural way of regulating its temperature and excreting waste. Natural deodorants don’t contain aluminum, so they allow your armpits to breathe and sweat as they should! Sweat alone only actually smells if bacteria is allowed to grow, causing that funky odor.

Transition Time

Transitioning from conventional to natural deodorants may take some time. So don’t be surprised if you go through a bit of a ‘stinky’ period.t This is your body ‘detoxifying’ the build-up of aluminum from using conventional products. 

Once your body has gone through this process – which can take a fortnight to a month – the natural deodorant will allow for the body’s natural perspiration while neutralizing odors and discouraging odor-causing bacteria to settle on your armpits (Source: Mio Skincare). Remember – natural deodorants cover up smells, not sweat itself, which is much better for your skin (Source: Healthline). 


Perfume scents can smell different on different people, and deodorants are similar. You may want to try multiple brands before finding out which one works the best for your skin. Little Seed Farm allows you to “try before you buy,” so you can order a pack of free samples. Just pay the $2.99 shipping fee.

Considerations Before Purchasing Deodorant Paste


The products listed above contain natural, artificial fragrance-free ingredients. However, some may contain baking soda which is not ideal for sensitive skin. Soapwella is perhaps best for those with sensitive skin due to its unique formulation, and brands such as Little Seed Farm, Pretty Frank, and Milk + Honey have baking soda-free products available as well.


There are a large variety of scents available in the natural deodorant market. Routine has the highest number of fragrances available in the products assessed in this article. Some scents may be overpowering for you, and it is a personal preference to find which works best for you and your natural skin chemistry. 


Natural deodorants tend to be more environmentally friendly as they rely less on industrial production. They are often packaged in recyclable or reusable materials, which is great if you are trying to generate less waste with your personal care routine. All the brands listed here use recyclable or biodegradable packaging, apart from Milk + Honey’s stick deodorant made from plastic. 

Why Trust A Clean Bee

Charlotte Davenport is a UK-based writer who covers sustainable cleaning and eco-friendly products for A Clean Bee. For this article, Charlotte drew on her own personal experience with natural deodorants as well as focusing on customer reviews, price points as well as product ingredients. Charlotte researched the brands listed, including ingredients as well as the range of benefits each product has. 

Best Natural Deodorant Pastes and Creams

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