Episode #018: Back to School Organization Tips

Back to school organization

Kids are officially back to school, but it is never too late to get school supplies organized, new routines locked in, and get everything labeled properly! 

In this episode, I am sharing back to school organization tips both from personal experience, as well as from the advice of other more experienced parents. I’m talking about the back to school “stuff” that is helpful to have on hand throughout the school year. Then I focus on how to keep it organized. From labels, to bins, to systems and routines, packing lunches, color coding, and more. 

My hope is that you finish listening to this episode with a handful of helpful ideas that you can use in your home to make the back to school transition a bit more smooth for your family.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The beauty of color coding school supplies
  • Labeling tips and product recommendations
  • Creating a drop zone
  • Establishing and organizing school supply backstock
  • Creating a filing system for each kid
  • Planning for kids art projects
  • Establishing morning and evening routines that work for your family
  • Creating a family calendar to keep everyone in the loop

Links and Resources:

Collecting the stuff

Labeling the stuff

Organizing the stuff

Establishing consistent routines

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