The Best Baby Clothes Organizers for Closets, Dressers, and Small Spaces

Best Baby Clothes Organizers for Closets and Dressers

Preparing for a new baby can feel incredibly overwhelming… organizing baby clothes shouldn’t add to the overwhelm!

Of course, starting with a minimalist baby wardrobe will make the organization process even easier but if you’re a maximalist, don’t worry! I am going to walk through the best baby clothes organizers for every type of nursery or living space you’re planning to share with your little one.

Hanging Baby Clothes Organizers

If your baby’s room has a closet with ample hanging space – take advantage! I personally love hanging baby clothes because it makes it easier to see what is available. Start by stocking up on a cute set of matching kids hangers, then add the baby clothes organizers described below.

Second Hanging Rail

Baby clothes are tiny, so if you’re hanging tiny onesies, shirts, and jackets from a standard closet rod you will be left with a lot of empty space below the bar. Consider maximizing this space by adding a second hanging closet rod.

If you have a modular closet system (lucky you!), then you can simply add another rod to match your existing setup. If not, consider one of these hanging rods that attaches to and hangs from your upper rail. 

Hanging Shelves

If you don’t need more hanging space but could benefit from more shelving, try a hanging shelf system. I have a few that I have used (and reused, and reused) in multiple apartments and homes. From shoes, to clothes, to office supplies, to backstock cleaning supplies, I have used my hanging shelves a ton and they have held up extremely well.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

Pockets are the secret to success here. Hanging shoe organizers have tons of small pockets – fantastic for organizing small baby clothes. You can dedicate a pocket or two to every type of baby clothes your little one wears (e.g. short sleeved onesies, long sleeved onesies, leggings, socks, hats, etc.).

Behind the Door Storage

Behind the door storage works for closet doors OR bedroom doors – whichever suits your home situation. Perhaps you live in a smaller space with only one closet that you share with your child. Give them the behind-the-door storage so you don’t have to compromise on your own closet space.

Shelf and Dresser Baby Clothes Storage

With my first son I stored all of his clothes in a single, 8-drawer dresser. It doubled as a changing table and some drawers actually sat unused until baby number two was born and they shared the dresser. Needless to say, I am experienced in the art of baby dresser organization so below are a few of my recommendations.

Dresser Dividers

Have I mentioned that baby clothes are small? File folding into tiny rows separated by dresser dividers is the way to go. You can invest in traditional dresser dividers or small boxes that fit inside of your baby’s dresser drawers. Alternatively, you can make your own dresser drawer organizers a la hikidashi storage boxes.

Rolling Trolley 

No space for a proper dresser? No problem! Honestly, you don’t need more space than what a small rolling trolley shelving system provides. I have seen this system executed beautifully by small space living expert Whitney Leigh Morris.

Organizing the Clothes They’ll Grow Into

It’s never a bad idea to consider the future when shopping sales or second hand stores for baby clothes! Or maybe you have more than one kid and you saved baby clothes to hand down. Regardless of how the “next-size-up” clothing entered your house, here are some baby clothes organizer ideas for clothes they’ll grow into.

Hanging size tags

Still have extra hanging storage space? These size tags can be helpful for keeping track of what size your little one currently wears and what size is coming up. 

Hanging each size next to one another is actually incredibly useful when detecting size differences between various baby clothing brands. Some brands run large while others run super small. This can become a bummer when the cute outfit in the “bigger” size that you had been saving for your baby is already too small by the time you pull it out!

Baskets, Boxes, and Bins

I could even include “spare dresser drawer” into this category. While I like being able to visually size baby onesies and t-shirts next to each other on hangers, I am not blessed with endless hanging space in my home. When my oldest grows out of an article of clothing, it goes into a bin that I pre-label with his general size at the time (even if the shirt is labeled something different). 

For instance, if he’s mostly wearing 2T clothing, but can still fit into a few random 3T shirts that run small, I’ll pop those into the 2T box as well when he grows out of them. Then I pull out the boxes accordingly as my younger son continues to grow!

9 Best Baby Clothes Organizers to maximize a small space

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