12 Important Places to Clean During Flu Season

12 important places to clean during flu season

I know that cold and flu season is typically talked about in the winter around the holidays, but for some reason if I do get sick it’s always right at the beginning of spring. Maybe it has to do with the seasons changing and the fact that work simmers down a bit during this time of year (in retail at least – sorry accountants!). For me, when life calms down all of that built up stress likes to re-appear in the form of a cold. It’s likely just my body’s way of telling me that it’s time to slow down for a few minutes!

My husband (!) and I recently returned from our honeymoon in Tanzania. Our wedding and our vacation were both spectacular, but somehow on our way back home we both ended up with the flu! Wedding stress’s last hurrah.

In the spirit of staying healthy this spring season, I am looking to this list of places to keep clean this cold and flu season by Whitney Coy from SheKnows. Grab your disinfectant wipes and get started!


computers | tables & surfaces | cell phones


door knobs


light switches


toilets (don’t forget behind the toilet too!)


soap dispensers | sink faucets


refrigerator door


blankets | pillows | remote controls

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