How to Clean White Shoes

How to clean white shoes

What better time is there to learn how to clean white shoes than summertime? After many varied attempts, here are the most effective ways I have found to clean white canvas and leather shoes.

When I first thought about how to clean white shoes, what came to mind were memories of my mom tossing our sneakers into the washing machine, letting them air-dry, and the next day it was as if they were new again. I tried this technique on our white canvas shoes and had minimal success.

After attempting a few home-made cleaning recipes that didn’t deliver, I finally landed on one that worked well for us.


How to clean white canvas shoes

  • Mix 1 part liquid laundry detergent with 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 2 parts baking soda to create a paste
  • Use a rough sponge or cleaning toothbrush to scrub the paste all over the exterior of the shoes and shoelaces
  • Allow shoes to dry in the sun if possible (2 or more hours – the more longer the better)
  • Rinse thoroughly then run in the wash on a cold gentle cycle
  • Allow your freshly white shoes and laces to completely air dry again in the sun

How to clean white canvas shoes

Something worth noting: Do not substitute dish soap for liquid detergent! Even remnants of dish soap can cause suds to develop in your washing machine and cause damage. Anytime you see a cleaning recipe online (for how to clean white shoes, remove stains from laundry, etc.) that mixes dish soap and a washing machine I suggest that you steer clear.


How to clean white leather shoes

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