How to Clean Baseboards Without Kneeling

How to clean baseboards without kneeling

Whenever people come to my house, I stress about the baseboards. They’re easy to forget, but they make a space feel so clean when adequately dusted. Clean baseboards make the whole room look clean and fresh again. 

Baseboards are important for aesthetics. They hide the place where the wall meets the floor, but they also serve the important function of protecting the wall from scuffs and damage. 

But baseboards can be a literal pain to clean. After spending too much time on my hands and knees trying to get my baseboards to look presentable, I realized there must be a better way. Here is how to clean baseboards without kneeling.

Dusting Baseboards Without Bending Over

The most significant contributor to dirty baseboards — at least in my house — is dust. The good news is there are several different ways to dust your baseboards without bending over and straining your back and knees. 


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Vacuums are valuable tools for cleaning baseboards with the help of some attachments. A horsehair brush attachment does a great job on baseboards, but any dusting brush will do the trick. Most vacuums come with the necessary attachments for this. 

A crevice tool also works great for the lines between the baseboard and the floor or the baseboard and the wall.

To clean baseboards with a vacuum:

  1. Start by attaching an extension wand to your vacuum.
  2. Select a vacuum attachment like the brush tool or crevice tool to better access awkward corners or molding.
  3. Vacuum away loose dust and debris from your baseboards. 

Dust Mop

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A dust mop is another excellent option for getting dust off of baseboards. It’s a mop with a flexible head covered with microfiber or chenille that will do a great job of picking up all the dust. 

Microfiber dust mop heads will pick up dust in hard-to-reach places, but the shape can limit your ability to maneuver in the corners of your baseboards. 

To use, run the dust mop head along your baseboards until clean. 


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A broom – especially one with short, stiff bristles – can also be a perfect tool for dusting baseboards. Using short strokes, sweep dust off your baseboards and into a dustpan. 

Broom and Microfiber Cloth

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Sometimes a broom alone isn’t enough to sufficiently clean all the dust on a baseboard. If that’s your experience, you can take a broom with shorter bristles and wrap a large microfiber cloth around the base. 

Tie the microfiber cloth to the broomstick with rubber bands, a strong hair clip, or a twist tie to make it easier. This method works because the dust will cling to the microfiber, while the broomstick allows you to apply pressure without kneeling or bending. 

Washing Baseboards Without Kneeling

Dusting is an important first step towards clean baseboards, but following up with a quick wash is often necessary. 

Dust isn’t the only thing that will accumulate on baseboards! To remove stubborn scuffs or spills, you’ll need to wash. Here are a few ways to effectively clean baseboards without getting on your hands and knees.

Spin Mop

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A spin mop is an excellent option for cleaning baseboards because the spinning mechanism will remove excess moisture that might otherwise oversaturate the wood or the wall. The circular microfiber head will scrub any mess sticking to your baseboards with any chosen cleaning solution. 

Fill the bucket side of your spin mop with your chosen cleaning solution. Dip the mop in the cleaning solution and spin to remove excess moisture. Run the mop along your baseboards and repeat as needed. 

Baseboard Buddy

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Baseboard Buddies are designed specifically for cleaning baseboards without kneeling. The long handle attaches to a flexible head with microfiber pads that can be used wet or dry, so this is an ideal option for ease. 

Add the included microfiber pad to the head of your Baseboard Buddy and run the Baseboard Buddy along your baseboards to clean.


What is the fastest way to clean baseboards?

The fastest way to clean baseboards without bending over is to use a vacuum with a brush or crevice attachment. Follow up with a Baseboard Buddy with the microfiber head attachment to scrub, washing any remaining debris from your baseboards, all without kneeling!

Can you clean baseboards with dryer sheets?

Yes. Running a dryer sheet along your baseboards will help collect any accumulated dust or pet hair that may have taken up residence there. The only issue is that dryer sheets are not the most sustainable option for cleaning your baseboards since they are a single-use product. 

How often should you wash your baseboards?

It would be best if you washed your baseboards around once a month. It’s easy to forget about them and put them off for later, but the more often you clean them, the easier they will be to clean. Regular monthly cleanings will prevent dust and grime from accumulating.

How to clean baseboards without kneeling or bending

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