Episode #010: Outsourcing Your Cleaning Routine

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unable to keep up with house cleaning then it might be time to consider outsourcing. In this episode I share tips for how to find, interview, and hire a reliable cleaning service. I also share my favorite cleaning robot that saves me HOURS of time every week. Lastly I share creative ways to effectively “outsource” (delegate) cleaning tasks to other household members. 

What Will You Learn?

How to hire professional cleaners

  • How to find trustworthy cleaners
  • Questions to ask a cleaning service prior to hiring them
  • Services that cleaners might offer
  • Ways you can fit professional cleaners into your budget

Outsourcing to machines

How to delegate to other household members

  • Cleaning checklists
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Labeling systems
  • Printable checklists, labels, cleaning recipes, and more: Green Cleaning Blueprint


Green Cleaning Blueprint

Check out the Green Cleaning Blueprint for printable cleaning recipes, cleaning bottle labels, room by room cleaning checklists, cleaning instructions for every room in the house, and more. Save with promo code: PODCAST 

Robot Vacuums

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  1. Our cleaning services include a list of items, from vacuuming to cleaning and sanitizing countertops and toilets, and everything in between.

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