Episode #008: Clean Kitchen Habits

The goal is a clean kitchen at night… every night. In this episode I’m sharing time and energy saving habits that enable me to end the day with a clean kitchen – even on days when I have little to no energy to spare!

What Will You Learn?

In addition to kitchen cleaning habits, I’m sharing sustainable kitchen suggestions like commercial sponge alternativespaper towel alternatives, and more.

Clean as You Go

I’m sharing my lazy mis en place method of cooking. This method makes it easy to clean as I go from putting ingredients away as I use them to my quick way of cleaning and soaking cookware as I use it. These are tips for anyone interested in upping their game when it comes to cleaning as you go in the kitchen.

Store Cleaning Products Where You Use Them

If you’re like me then even the tiniest mental (or in this case, physical) barrier preventing you from getting a cleaning job done is enough to make you procrastinate. Storing cleaning products where you use them is the solution! Here are the cleaning products and tools I always keep in my kitchen.

Recommended Kitchen Cleaning Tools

Brushes and Sponges (recommend: Sustainable Sponge Alternatives)

Towels (Recommended: Paper Free Kitchen)

Products and Solutions (Recommended: Sustainable Dish Soap)

Deep Cleaning


Making it Nice

My recommendations for how to set the mood in your kitchen. Creating a beautiful, inviting space is a great way to motivate yourself to keep it nice. Dig deep at the end of the day to reset your kitchen so you can enjoy it in all its glory! (Even if it only lasts until breakfast).


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