DIY Daily Shower Cleaning Spray

Daily Shower Cleaning Spray

Cleaning your shower and bathtub isn’t necessarily the easiest home cleaning chore. It’s a big, wet bummer of a chore if you ask me, so I like to do everything in my power to extend the time between shower cleaning as much as possible (although, using an organized bathroom cleaning checklist helps me get it done quickly!). There are a handful of effective ways I am able to do this, and my favorite is by using a DIY daily shower cleaning spray. 

How to Make a Daily Shower Cleaning Spray



  1. Combine all ingredients into a reusable spray bottle 
  2. After showering, spray all shower surfaces with daily shower cleaning spray

Additional Ways to Prevent Mildew Buildup Between Showers

Moisture is your enemy when it comes to avoiding mold and mildew in your shower and bathroom. Below are a few ways to minimize moisture after you use your bath and shower.

  1. Turn on the fan and/or open your bathroom window for 15-30 minutes after every shower
  2. Close the shower curtain after every shower to help it dry more quickly (also read how to clean a shower curtain – it’s easier than you think!)
  3. Squeegee the walls and floors of your shower and bath after every shower
  4. Use a daily shower spray cleaner

Store-Bought Daily Shower Cleaning Spray

I make my own daily shower spray using natural ingredients I always have on hand in my home, but if you aren’t a lover of DIY, see below for a list of good store-bought alternatives:

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