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If you crave a simple, low-stress lifestyle, then minimalism might be worth exploring. I believe that living life with less stuff equates to living life with more meaning. Less stuff means less to maintain, less to organize, less to clean and tidy, and more time to spend on the most meaningful parts of your life. Minimalism in the home translates to maximizing time spent with friends and family, time spent adventuring, time spent on creative hobbies, and more. Read about actionable ways that you can adopt minimalism in your lifestyle by clicking on the posts below.

Toddler Must Haves for the Minimalist Home

If you’re like me, you want to provide your little one with the toddler must haves they need to successfully grow, learn and develop at home. At the same time, you still want your home to feel like the calm, attractive, adult-friendly oasis you worked so hard to create before your child was born! After …

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Minimalist Christmas Tree Decorations

When it comes to Christmas tree decorations, I am always drawn to natural, homemade or vintage and antique options. Something about a minimalist Christmas tree decorated with natural Christmas ornaments feels extra cozy and calming to me… and who doesn’t appreciate a little extra calm this time of year? Listed below are a few ideas …

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Minimalist Toddler Toys Inspired by Montessori Learning

We used to be the family with a giant bin of toddler toys in our living room. The selection primarily represented a mixture of gifted items and hand-me-downs. When it was time to play, we would open the “toy ottoman” and let our son have at it.  It didn’t take long for me to grow …

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