Make your bathroom smell like a spa

A Clean Bee


Essential oils! Use a countertop diffuser or add a few drops to the shower floor and let shower steam scent the rest of the bathroom.

Use a natural scented linen spray on bath towels and hand towels. You can purchase one or make your own using natural ingredients.


You can hang fresh eucalyptus in your shower to create a spa-like ambiance in your shower. It not only smells great but looks great too.


the simple addition of a candle in a space fosters a calming environment and a restful place for the eye to gaze. Opt for soy wax or beeswax candle varieties.


If you like floral and other scents that can be made into potpourri, you can either DIY bathroom potpourri or purchase some online from a site such as Etsy.


Consider a fragrant potted plant like mint, Arabian jasmine, tea rose begonia, or orchids.



The absolute #1 way to keep a bathroom smelling nice is to keep it clean and dry. Additionally, keeping your bathroom dry  can prevent  mildew and mold.