How to Close an Ironing Board

Here’s how to close an ironing board

I love ironing. I know, an unpopular opinion, but ironing is one of my favorite chores around the house. That doesn’t mean I have never found myself wrestling with a tricky ironing board, trying to get it to close. Not to worry, I’m here to teach you how to close an ironing board, whether you’ve got a free-standing or a wall-mounted version

Types of Ironing Boards

There are three main kinds of ironing boards, each with different pros and cons and different closing methods. Although you can technically iron without a board, a proper ironing board will make the task much easier. 

Free Standing

Free-standing ironing boards are your traditional option, usually standing on folding metal legs. They are height adjustable and can easily be moved around your house to wherever you want to do your ironing. These ironing boards are designed with padding and covers that handle the iron’s steam. Their shape makes them ideal for any ironing project, from clothes to tablecloths. The folding metal legs can make these boards a little tricky to close, though, and they can be cumbersome to store


Tabletop ironing boards or pads sit on top of the table and allow you to turn your kitchen table (or coffee table or countertop) into an ironing board. These ironing boards are great if you’re working with limited space, but they can be awkward to maneuver for more oversized clothing items or other larger household ironing projects. They’re easier for flat items like napkins.

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted ironing boards are a great best-of-both-worlds solution for ironing. They have the shape and ease of free-standing ironing boards with the space-saving bonus of folding into the wall. They can be installed to your specific height and space considerations and fold easily into the wall and back down as needed. 

How to Fold a Free-Standing Ironing Board

Due to their size and their adjustable metal legs, folding a free-standing ironing board can feel awkward. With these easy steps, you can quickly fold your ironing board without the threat of pinched fingers or frustration. 

  1. Turn your ironing board on its side. 
  2. Push the lever on the underside of the ironing board.
  3. With your other hand, carefully push the legs in to fold them to the surface of the ironing board.
  4. Ensure the legs are fully closed and pressed to the bottom of the ironing board. 
  5. Release the lever to lock the legs closed.

How to Fold a Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Wall-mounted ironing boards are great for maximizing space, but they also don’t have long metal interlocking legs, which gives them the unexpected advantage of making them easy to close. 

  1. Lift your ironing board and fold any stabilizing leg or a bottom piece up to the surface. 
  2. Fold your ironing board back up towards your wall.
  3. Pull the locking lever down to keep your ironing board in place if your model has one.

How to Fix an Ironing Board Lever

If your free-standing ironing board has a lever that’s fallen out, you will have a tough time getting your ironing board closed unless you get that fixed. You can take a few easy steps to fix your ironing board lever. 

  1. Push on the metal tab in the center, underneath the ironing board to slide the piece that holds the legs all the way forward. 
  2. Identify which side of the ironing board the lever goes on. Usually, you can tell where the paint has worn away or where there are markings indicating a lever.
  3. Carefully slide the lever underneath the axle of the ironing board until it slides into place, closing the legs. This should require little force. 

More Ironing Board Folding Tips

There are some important best practices to stick to when folding your ironing board to avoid frustration and breaking the board. 

  • Store your ironing board somewhere in a dry place where it won’t rust (beware of moist basements or storage sheds).
  • Don’t rush it. Move slowly so you don’t break pieces or catch your fingers in a mechanism. 


How do you unlock an ironing board?

Most ironing boards unlock by simply pressing the lever on the underside of the ironing board. If that is not working, or if your lever is stuck, turn the ironing board upside down so the flat side is on the floor and press down on the metal tab in the middle of the board to release. 

How do you secure an ironing board cover?

Ironing board covers usually come with built-in fasteners or ties to secure them to the ironing board. Attach the straps or fasteners to the underneath of your ironing board. If your cover doesn’t have included pieces to secure it, you can DIY your own elastic or ties to secure the cover to your board. 

What can I iron on instead of an ironing board?

There are several different ways you can iron without an ironing board using any hard surface in your house like a countertop or the top of your washing machine. You can use an ironing blanket or a thick towel to protect the surface you’re using from the heat of the iron. 

Ironing boards are essential but can be difficult to close up for storage. Here’s how to close every kind of ironing board with no problems.

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