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Many email companies are using programs to block unwanted emails (spam) from entering our inboxes. This is fantastic… except when these programs also block the emails we DO want to receive!

Below I’ll walk you through how to whitelist my emails so you can be sure to always receive my exclusive tips, free printables, announcements, and more.

How to Whitelist Emails

Make sure to whitelist “[email protected]” from “Kait Schulhof” <– this is the email address and name from which all A Clean Bee newsletters / emails will be sent!

Every email provider is going to behave a bit differently. Below are a few of the most common email providers and how to whitelist email addresses.


Getting all future emails to appear in the “Primary” tab (instead of “Promotions”, or elsewhere) is a quick, two-step process.

First of all, drag-and-drop my email message from beneath the tab it’s currently filed under, to the “Primary” tab:

Once done, a message alert will appear with, “This conversation has been moved to Primary. Do this for all future messages from [email protected]?” Select “Yes:”

Gmail on mobile devices doesn’t provide a way to prioritize messages. However, touching “Show images” then “Always show images from Sender” will ensure that images always display in the inbox.


When opening an email message, a “+” symbol should display next to From: and the sender’s name. Select this and an “Add to contacts” pop-up should appear. Select “Save:”


Both Apple Mail on OSX and Mail on iOS devices have a similar process for adding senders to Contacts. By selecting the From, or Reply-to on an email message, you can choose to “Add to Contacts” or “Add to VIPs.”

OUTLOOK (2003 and Later)

Right-click on the message in your inbox.
Select “Junk E-mail” from the menu.
Click “Add Sender to Safe Senders List.”


In the preview pane for an opened email message in AOL Mail, select the sender’s From name under the email’s subject line and select “Add Contact” from the drop-down menu.