Best Bread Boxes for an Organized Kitchen

Best bread box for keeping bread fresh in an organized kitchen
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Our family goes through at least one loaf of bread per week. Sometimes I’ll bake it, sometimes I’ll buy it at a bakery and transport it home in a reusable bread bag. And sometimes, I’ll just buy the packaged, pre-sliced loaves at the grocery store. No matter how we acquire our bread or pastries for the week, it’s helpful to have a dedicated place to store these items and keep them as fresh as possible. This is where finding the best bread box for keeping bread fresh becomes important!

Bread boxes are also an excellent way to maintain a plastic free kitchen. If you are interested, here are my best tips and tools for zero waste grocery shopping.

The best materials for bread boxes are wood, metal, and ceramic. There are also plastic bread containers available but they are often of lesser quality than the previously mentioned materials. I’ll share the pros and cons of each, but if you just want to click to the best bread boxes, I’ll list them here first!

Best Bread Boxes:

Best Wooden Bread Boxes

Wooden bread boxes are the most classic option. They have been used in homes for at least the past century. I like a wooden bread box because wood is a natural and compostable material. Depending on the box construction, wood bread boxes also allows enough ventilation to keep bread at the right texture and level of freshness for longer than some other storage solutions. 

Klee Roll Top Bamboo Bread Box

When most people think of bread boxes, they think of this classic roll top wooden bread box design. I love that this particular wooden bread box is constructed from bamboo. Bamboo is one of the more sustainable and more durable wood options. It’s long lasting and a fantastic choice for kitchen items like wooden cutting boards, wooden spoons, and wooden bread boxes. 

This particular bread box is designed with a flat top to allow for additional kitchen storage. The size of this bread box allows for up to two loaves of bread. Klee also offers a satisfaction guarantee. 

mDesign Bamboo Bread Box

mDesign 100% Bamboo Bread Box Bin with Lid and Clear Front Window for Kitchen Countertop, Island and...
  • SIMPLE STORAGE: Countertop breadbox keeps baguettes, english muffins, rolls, bagels, pastries, and...
  • 2-IN-1 DESIGN: Bread box lid doubles as a cutting board; Grooves in the board catch crumbs for easy...
  • BAMBOO WOOD DESIGN: Bread box is made from natural bamboo; The large compartment provides plenty of...

If you love to bake or if you choose to pick up unpackaged baked goods from a bakery, this is a pretty way to keep your bread fresh. There is a glass window on the front of this wooden bread box so you can view your pretty baked goods. I also find this glass window as a helpful reminder to use up any remaining bread so none goes to waste!

The lid of this wooden bread box doubles as a cutting board, making it a great option for artisan loaves that are not pre-sliced. Lastly, this box is made from bamboo, one of the more sustainable wood materials for kitchen and homewares. 

Best Metal Bread Boxes

Metal bread boxes are appreciated for their durability and modern aesthetic. One of my biggest gripes with shiny metal or stainless steel bread boxes is fingerprints. If the bread box is used regularly, you will find yourself constantly wiping away fingerprints and hand smudges from the exterior. The options I selected below are made with fingerprint-proof finishes to avoid this issue.

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

Brabantia Rectangular Fall Front Bread Box (Brilliant Steel/Black) Large Front Opening Flat Top...
  • Large internal capacity with room for up to two loaves of bread
  • Extra storage room in the kitchen due to the flat top (18.31 x 9.84")
  • Clever magnetic seal keeps bread and baked goods fresh for Longer

This bread box is extremely popular for a few reasons. Primarily, this stainless steel bread box is large enough to hold multiple loaves of bread at one time. Consumers also appreciate the front opening and flat top. This opens up the opportunity for additional storage on top of this metal bread box. 

Brabantia’s bread box boasts a fingerprint-proof steel finish. Because it is a matte finish, fingerprints don’t show as much as they would on a shiny steel or chrome finish. This bread box also comes with a 10 year guarantee. All around a great option for families that go through bread quickly. 

Large White Bread Box

Culinary Couture Extra Large White Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop - Holds 2 Bread Loaves! - 16.5"...
  • Keep Your Bread Fresh for Longer—Extend the shelf life of your bread and pastries. This bread bin...
  • Sleek Design with Large Storage Space—Save space and declutter your countertop. At 16.5" x 8.9" x...
  • Versatile Kitchen Storage Box—This bread container also doubles as a storage unit for other types...

Here is a metal bread box powder coated in paint. This bread box comes in a variety of colors, but I love the clean look of white. It’s large enough to store a full loaf of bread or bagels and pastries without any problem. I also like that the design of this box doesn’t scream “bread box” and can be used to store other items in your home as well. 

The one problem with this metal bread box is the hinge top opening. This means you will need to store it in a place where you have plenty of room to swing open the top to access your bread. If that’s not an issue in your kitchen, then this is a great, minimalist bread box design. 

Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box

Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box (Matt Steel) Medium Front Opening Flat Top Bread Box, Ideal for Kitchen...
  • Compact size - roll top bread box doesn’t take up any extra space when opened
  • Flat top design - ideal for storing canisters
  • Base with Knobbly pattern for proper ventilation - keeps bread fresh for Longer

If you don’t have a lot of excess counter space for a fall front bread box opening, this roll top bread box is a great option. What’s great is this stainless steel bread box is designed to be flat on the very top so you can store items on top of it if need be. 

Like the Brabantia bread box mentioned above, this one is also manufactured in a fingerprint-proof matte stainless steel finish. It too comes with a 10 year guarantee, so you can feel confident investing in this brand for your bread box.

Best Ceramic Bread Boxes

Ceramic bread boxes often look great in French or farmhouse-style kitchens. Ceramic bread boxes with loosely fitted wooden lids allow for just enough ventilation for keeping bread fresh and at the right texture. The biggest downside to choosing ceramic bread boxes is that they can break and chip easily. 

Emile Henry Bread Storage Box

Emile Henry 14" Ceramic Bread Box + Wood Lid | Flour
  • Made in France using all natural materials. 14 in. X 9. 5 in. X 6 in.
  • Creates balanced environment that balances humidity to maintain a baked bread loaf's soft interior...
  • Designed large enough to allow for the air circulation needed to maintain a crusty crust, yet small...

This gorgeous ceramic bread box is made in France, in Southern Burgundy. The wooden lid is smooth on one side and grooved on the other side. The grooves help to collect crumbs as you slice your bread, making this a very tidy bread box solution. Speaking of tidy, the base is also incredibly easy to wash in the dishwasher. 

The design of this ceramic bread box is meant to balance humidity and air flow, keeping bread fresh and at the right texture. Emile Henry also offers a 10 year guarantee for their products.

KOVOT Ceramic Bread Box

KOVOT Ceramic Bread Box With Bamboo Cutting Board Base
  • Includes: Ceramic Bread Box Cover & Bamboo Cutting Board Base
  • Keeps Breads, Baked Goods And Pastries Fresh For Longer
  • Made Of Premium Porcelain Ceramic & Food Grade Bamboo

If you have a smaller kitchen or don’t go through bread as quickly as larger families might, then this petit ceramic bread box is perfect for you. It’s large enough to store a small or half loaf of bread. The base of this bread box is bamboo, which can double as a convenient bread cutting board. Simply lift the ceramic “lid” and slice what you need for that day. 

There is a small ventilation hole in the back of the handle, allowing just enough airflow to keep bread fresh. Overall, this is a cute ceramic bread box option for those living alone or with a single roommate in a small space. 

Organize your kitchen with a beautiful bread box. Choose from wooden bread boxes, ceramic, stainless steel, or enamel. Bread boxes are great for storing bread, pastries, bagels, and any other baked goods. Keep your baked goods fresh with a bread box in your kitchen.

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