When to throw away old makeup + Makeup Expiration

February 1, 2017

Minimizing your makeup collection - when to throw away old makeup plus a guide to makeup expiration

We all know that our makeup has a shelf life, but I am willing to bet that 95% of us (myself included) tend to ignore those expiration dates. Additionally, it’s very easy to collect way more makeup than necessary – I know I have fallen prey to beauty blogger and youtube recommendations more than once! After years of collecting eyeshadows and concealers I had to finally ask myself the question, “How long do I have before I need to throw this makeup away?”

After doing some research, I compiled the most commonly accepted makeup expiration dates along with some helpful tips for making smart makeup purchases in the future. Continue Reading…

DIY Body Butter

January 26, 2017

DIY cocoa body butter recipe

This body butter recipe is actually magical. I know that there are a lot of “DIY Beauty” recipes floating around on the internet and a lot of them are just not as good as the store bought versions, but THIS is seriously worth trying.

I have been experimenting with DIY body butters since last summer and some recipes were too firm and difficult to scoop out of a jar, some were too soft and oily and wouldn’t absorb into my skin, some were too heavy on the cocoa butter (I am personally not a huge fan of smelling like chocolate) but this recipe really did it for me.

What’s interesting is that in between my last batch of body butter and this one I started using Aveeno body lotion after my showers and I started getting dry bumps on the backs of my arms and my legs were flaky and dry by the end of the day – and I’m not a person prone to dry skin! Two days after using this DIY body butter, my arms were COMPLETELY smooth again. See? Magical.
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DIY Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

January 16, 2017

DIY natural yoga mat cleaner recipe

Oh yoga. One of my favorite ways to treat myself during the week is with 1-2 relaxing yoga classes. I am lucky that I work at a company that offers lunch time yoga classes twice a week (EVERY company should offer this – such a game changer for my productivity!) and I do my best to take advantage of it.

With that said, I am totally guilty of rolling up my gross mat at the end of class without cleaning it and putting it away until the next class (yep, even after hot yoga classes – I know, so gross). I recently un-rolled my nose told me that this bad habit had to end.

I did some research on natural yoga mat cleaner recipes and just about every source had the same or similar ingredients. Continue Reading…

How to deep clean your shower and bathtub

January 11, 2017

How to deep clean your shower, chemical-free! DIY shower cleaner recipe gets rid of dirt and soap scum

I have a confession to make. I didn’t deep clean my shower or bathtub for a solid 5 months… (If my mom is reading this I am sure she is horrified – sorry mom!) to the point where there was a RING around our drain and the tub walls were turning BROWN. Barbaric.

How could I let such a thing happen? Shower cleaning has historically been my least favorite chore. In the past I never had a good shower cleaning system – I always ended up soaking wet dealing with the lingering scents of harsh chemical cleaners.

It was only after I researched this DIY shower cleaner recipe (dish soap and vinegar – none of the harsh environmentally damaging chemicals in other super strength cleaners) that I decided I was ready to brave the storm.

And wouldn’t you know, it was one of those projects where afterwords I kicked myself for not having done it sooner. Our shower and bathtub are GLISTENING. As they should! Doesn’t the idea of using a dirty shower to make yourself “clean” seem a little bit wrong? Absolutely yes because it is.

I’m proclaiming this to be a 100% judgement-free zone, if you haven’t properly cleaned your shower in months I get it. This chore can be terrible, but it’s necessary if you are attempting to behave like a real adult. It’s really time to clean your shower.

Read on (or watch the video!) for how I conquered mine.

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How to harness the power of habit to accomplish your goals

January 5, 2017

Harness the power of habit - Daily Habit Tracker PDF Download Happy new year!

Yes, maybe it’s cliche but I sincerely love taking time at the beginning of each year to reflect on the previous 12 months and plan for the next. I have a google doc where each January I journal my highlights from the previous year, I map out travel plans in a separate spreadsheet (complete with formulas calculating the number of vacation days required for each trip, estimated cost, and other details… #OCD), and then I brain dump any goals I might have in the back of my mind for the next year (finally signed up for Japanese language classes!).

If you’re like me, then a majority of your goals can be easily accomplished via the power of habit – little steps taken each day or each week that lead you to your goal.

Some examples:

Want to lose weight? Work out daily (or at least 5 days/week), remove processed foods from your daily diet, get 8 hours of sleep a night – all daily habits!

Want to get organized? Set aside 15 minutes a day to clean your home, commit to sorting through your paper mail and recycling what you don’t need each day, and aim for inbox zero at the end of each work day.

Want to save money? Start bringing your own lunch to work each day or brewing your own coffee each morning.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Last year I created a simple and super effective system for harnessing the power of habit. This system helped motivate me to work out 5 days a week, drink more water, and stay consistent with this blog among other things. I call it my daily habit tracker!

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Dried Citrus DIY Christmas Ornaments

December 23, 2016

Dried Citrus DIY Christmas Ornaments

As someone who thoroughly enjoys any excuse to decorate (I blame my interior designer mother), decorating a Christmas tree has always been one of my favorite holiday traditions. We don’t have space in our small apartment to store many Christmas decorations, let alone a collection of ornaments, so this year I used DIY Christmas ornaments made from dried citrus slices.

These are super simple to make, inexpensive, all natural, and compostable! Guilt-free holiday decorating at its finest. Read on for the how-to.

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Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

December 13, 2016

Ideas for an Eco Friendly Christmas

It’s easy to get swept away by the pressure to over-consume during the holiday season. An eco-friendly Christmas is not always top of mind but with a little planning, it’s pretty easy to stay “green” this time of year. Below I listed my favorite ways to strive for an eco-friendly Christmas holiday when throwing parties, decorating your home and tree, and purchasing gifts.  Continue Reading…

Recycled Gift Wrap Ideas

December 6, 2016

Recycled gift wrap ideas - paper bag and recycled holiday card

For me the best part of December is the anticipation of Christmas. I get so much joy out of choosing JUST the right gifts and of course, packaging it in pretty wrapping. That said, I recently learned that Americans throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than they do any other time of year – and if every family wrapped only THREE presents using recycled gift wrap it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields (source)… that is INSANE!

With those statistics in mind, I plan to do my part to reduce unnecessary wrapping paper waste while still packaging pretty presents (alliteration ftw!). Read on (or watch my youtube video!) for how I’m planning on doing so… Continue Reading…

5 Unique Ways to Practice Gratitude

November 22, 2016

5 unique ways to practice gratitude

While I don’t believe in waiting until Thanksgiving to give thanks, ’tis the season of giving and this holiday inherently encourages us to practice gratitude. I do my best to express gratitude on a daily basis for the multitude of fantastic things I have to be grateful for in my life. My boss often jokes that I am always in a good mood and it’s true – I don’t have many bad days. That might sound obnoxious but I fully credit my positive attitude to practicing appreciation for small victories (free snacks at the office!) and keeping inconveniences in perspective (I would always rather be the person sitting in traffic than the person in the accident causing traffic).

So on the eve of this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share a list of my favorite ways to practice and express gratitude. Continue Reading…

How to Clean Grimy Oven Knobs

November 20, 2016

cleaning grimy oven knobs naturally without chemicals

Oven knobs are one of those overlooked kitchen tools that become gross easily but are so easy clean! Oven knobs can get SUPER grimy if you’re an avid cook – sticky oil splatters and all. Ours were starting to look a little worse for wear but with some vinegar and just 5 minutes of time, they were like new again. Read on for how-to. Continue Reading…