• Who else is tired of his heat wave? πŸ™‹

One thing I'm making a conscious effort to do better is conserve water. I posted 33 creative ways we are trying to save water in our home - check it out (link in profile)
  • I made all of our "white" canvas sneakers white again!

I had hoped that simply tossing into the wash would do the trick but unfortunately these needed a little pre-treatment to really get rid of the stains.

Excited to give our white shoes new life so they can last us another summer season ;) #sustainablefashion

I also discovered a super easy method for cleaning white leather shoes and sneakers! Link in profile
  • Last year I invested in a quality set of microfiber cloths (they're @melissamaker Maker's Clean Microfiber Cloths via @cleanmyspace ). Before that investment I was a paper towel cleaning kind of gal. My mom always cleaned with paper towels so that's all I ever knew!

Microfiber cloths have been a cleaning game changer for me - more effective at picking up whatever mess I'm tackling plus re-usable so less wasteful than paper towels if well taken care of and used for a number of years.

I'm curious, are you on team microfiber or team paper towel? What brand(s) do you prefer?
  • I have been on a major organization kick lately! It started with our office (which is still a major work in progress - check out my story highlights for a sneak peak) and has now transitioned to our closet.

I don't know about you but I have the @nordstrom anniversary sale on my mind and want to make some room for a few new nursing-friendly outfits!

There's a link in my profile for my post on how I tackle closet clean-outs, check it out if you're feeling like you want to clear space in your closet.
  • πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Celebrating America this year with this little Patriot - feeling blessed πŸ’™
  • Something I seriously worried about before Ford was born was how his presence would change the dynamic of my marriage. Anyone who knows me and T knows just how much I love that man - he had put me first for all of the years of our relationship and I couldn't help but mourn the inevitable shift that would happen when Ford was born (as selfish as that sounds). Luckily T is still the same loving and attentive man I married and he has been incredible to both Ford AND me - something I don't take for granted!

I have been brainstorming little ways that we can enjoy "us" time even when we are dead tired trying to keep this baby nugget of ours alive - popcorn and an episode of a favorite TV show ("praise be") is sometimes the perfect choice. ( πŸ“· @sustainable_baby )
  • So grateful to call this place home πŸ™Œ
  • When we moved into our new home we had to adjust to cooking on an electric stove top... And that also meant we had to learn how to properly clean one as well!

Today's post I'm sharing how-to... keeping those drip pans clean is a real task I tell ya!

You can find links to this post and others in my profile πŸ˜‰