Why We Store Shoes by the Front Door

November 14, 2016

why we use front door shoe storage

I was raised in a home where shoes were worn all the way to our closets, my husband was raised in a home where shoes were left at the door. When we moved in together we knew we would have to make a few lifestyle compromises and an effective shoe storage solution was definitely one of them!

After a year of frustration due to my husband’s constant shoe pile by the front door (I would regularly lug them to our closet on his behalf), I caved. We headed to The Container Store and invested in multiple 2-tier bamboo stackable shoe shelves to use as front door shoe storage. I decided to use these shelves as an opportunity to both organize his (and now my) shoes by the entryway, and also to exercise restraint when shopping for new shoes. If a new pair of shoes does not fit on the shelves, then an older pair of shoes has to go to Goodwill.

So far this solution has worked out extremely well for us! We don’t track city dirt through the rest of our house, we have a (semi-attractive) dedicated storage place for the shoes, and its prominent location in the house encourages us to be mindful before over-filling the space with more shoes than what we really need. I’m officially a front door shoe-storage convert.

What are some storage areas in your house that you have had to compromise on?

Front door shoe storage is a great way to reduce entry-way clutter

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