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April 12, 2018

Budget Template - organize your finances, track your investments, monitor your debt, and reach your financial goals!

Here we are, tax time again! I’m not sure if anyone else can relate, but each year as T and I organize our tax documents and review our spending from the previous year, it inspires me to re-evaluate our spending habits going forward and get us back on an organized budgeting system.

This time last year I introduced a slightly different (and perhaps slightly less advanced) Budget Document created via Google Spreadsheet that we had been using successfully for a number of months. In response, I received a number of customization how-to requests and questions about how to account for debt (an area where the old budget template fell a little short).

The good news is – I listened to those questions and requests and developed an updated 2018 version of that Budget Template! I recorded a brand new tutorial video that not only walks you through how to access the Google Spreadsheet template, but shows you how it works, how to customize, and an added option to account for investments/debt/net worth.

This spreadsheet will track your monthly income/expenses, compile those items into categories and subcategories, allow you to view your spending in comparison to the previous month, track your investments and any debt you might be paying off (mortgage, student loans, credit card, etc.), and view all of this information on a high-level summary tab.

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Not sure yet? Check out the video below for a preview of the template and ideas for how it might add value to your personal finance organization.


  • How to make a copy of the template – 0:15
  • 2018 Summary Tab – 1:24
  • Income Summary Tab – 2:10
  • Expense Summary Tab – 2:30
  • Monthly Tab(s)
    • Starting Net Worth and Cash Balance Overview – 2:55
    • Income and Expense inputs – 4:45
    • Net Worth Summary – 7:05
    • Investments & Debt – 8:10
      • Customizing Investments & Debt Categories – 10:05
      • Accounting for debt – 12:10
    • Cash Balance Summary – 17:00
    • Customizing Income and Expense Categories
      • Changing a Category Name – 19:55
      • Deleting a Category or Subcategory – 21:45
      • Adding a Category or Subcategory – 23:45

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Lastly, let me know how it goes! Feel free to leave questions or feedback in the comments below, on the YouTube tutorial video, or via email! Thanks and happy budgeting 😉

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